Top iPhone photography tips round up article
Top iPhone Photography Tips Round-Up

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Top iPhone photography tips round up article

I have rounded up my top posts of iPhone photography tips for you. If you have been struggling to get your photos to look how you want them to, this post is for you.

1. How to Avoid Getting Orange Photos on your iPhone

How to avoid getting orange photos on your iphone

You get your iPhone out to take a picture to share on social media, and it comes out making you look like an Oompa-Loompa. What happened?! Read this post on why it happens and how to avoid it altogether.

2. How to Easily Create a Flat Lay for Instagram

How to easily create a flat lay for instagram

You see flat lay photographs all the time, but do you know how to create a flat lay for Instagram? I share 6 key aspects of creating a flat lay image for use on Instagram.

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3. Photography tips for Rule of Thirds and Image Composition

Photography tips for Rule of Thirds and image composition.

How your image is composed is critical for creating a quality image. Composition is one of those things that non-photographers scratch their head at, so I want to show you how it matters and the simple changes you can make to elevate your photos and your brand.

4. How to Get Great Photos For Social Media

how to get great photos for social media blog post

Social media is so important in business today, but getting great photos are even more important. Check out these tips and tricks to using your smartphone for getting great photos for social media.

5. How to Take your own Professional Photos for Instagram

how to take your own professional photos for instagram

Making sure you have professional-looking photos for sharing on Instagram, even if they are taking in your living room on your iPhone. Check out these 8 Tips on How to Take Professional Looking Branding Photos for Instagram

6. Top 5 Tips for Instagram Photos that Don’t Suck for Businesses

top 5 tips for Instagram photos that don't suck for your business

My top 5 tips for Instagram photos that don’t suck. Make them want to stop the scroll with these photography tips for social media images.

7. How to Take Great Photos with your iPhone (3 Easy Tips)

how to take great photos with your iphone-3 easy tips

Come and check out these super simple tips on how to take better photos with your iPhone, and spoiler alert, 2 of the tips are all mobile device friendly!

8. 5 Lighting Tips that will Transform Your Photos

5 Lighting Tips that will Transform Your Photos

Lighting is critical for great photos. Check out these 5 lighting tips to create beautiful images with any camera you have with you.

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9. 23 Photography Tips for Shooting Products

photography tips for shooting products

You will want to check out these photography tips if you are a product producing entrepreneur. Great product photos will impress your potential clients to make them want to buy.

10. Product Photography Tips for Shooting in your Home

product photography tips for shooting in your home

If you have a product-based business here are more product photography tips for shooting in your home.

11. Top 5 Photography Apps on iPhone for Editing

photography apps on iphone

We spend a lot of time on our phones, especially Instagram. Check out my top 5 apps for editing photos on your iPhone and get ready to share them to the ‘gram!

12. Simple Tricks to Create Photos That Have an Impact

simple trick to create photos that have an impact

You know when an image stops you in your tracks and makes an impact, right? Follow these simple tricks to make your photos have a stronger impact!

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