top 5 tips for Instagram photos that don't suck for your business
Top 5 Tips for Instagram Photos that Don’t Suck for Businesses

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Top 5 tips for instagram photos that don't suck for businesses

1- Pair your image to your message

When you use Instagram for business, it’s not just about posting pretty photos for followers. 

Your intent is to grow your business using Instagram, then you have a message you should be sharing to attract people to your page and to your business.

So instead of looking for a photo and then think about your message, flip the script.

Decide what your message is, what you are talking about, and THEN find or create an image that pairs well with that message.

If you are worried about what your grid looks like with this approach, you should still be fine as long as you are planning out your content ahead of time! 

You can pick your message, pair it with an image, write the caption and then once you have a handful of these created, then you can choose what order the images look best in!

My favorite tool for planning out and scheduling my Instagram posts is Planoly. I plan ahead, and then use stories as my more off the cuff content!

2- Less is More

This is talking about what is in your image. Create simplicity in the surroundings and background for images that make it easy for people to know what is going on.

The fastest way to lose attention is to create an image that is too busy. 

When your eye doesn’t know what to look at in the photo because there is so much going on, then the viewer peaces out.

A couple of ways you can make things simple:

– Using Portrait mode or an SLR to blur out the background.

– Taking an image against a blank wall so it’s just you in the image.

– Wear solid colors and fewer patterns.

– Remove anything from the image that doesn’t help tell the story.

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3 – Turn towards the light

Lighting is absolutely critical in creating an image that doesn’t suck.

If your lighting sucks, then your image is going to suck. It’s as simple as that.

Luckily you don’t have to create light or do anything fancy or technical. The camera will auto adjust for you.

All you need to do is turn towards the light. Inside? Turn the subject towards the window or move closer to a window.

Shooting outside? If it’s midday, find some shade to be in. Soft even light is beautiful and simple…. and luckily you can find it anywhere!

4 – Real expressions

Taking a quick image and smiling “cheese” style isn’t going to do you any favors.

People want emotion and connection and a dead eye, teeth out smile doesn’t do either of those things.

So plan on taking a handful of images and laugh/giggle slightly as you are being photographed.

Is it gonna feel funny? Yes.

Is it going to work? Yes.

Awkward laughter turns to real laughter and that’s how you get those great emotive images.

Will you have to take a lot of images before you get that one or two you love? Yes.

 And that is okay. Take more captures until ‘you have a great emotion captured and then just delete the rest. 

You don’t have to keep them just ‘cuz you took them. I delete 60% of more of my images I capture in a shoot, and I am a professional!

5 – Edit Every Image

All images look better edited. 

All of them.

So use an app like Lightroom (it’s free!) and edit the brightness and contrast of every image. 

Always look at your horizon and crop/straighten if it’s needed.

If you want to have an easier time, create a preset or buy one and you can edit quickly and easily.

The image created in your smartphone or SLR is not ready for public consumption until it’s been edited so definitely DO NOT skip this step!

Now you tell me, what frustrates you the most when taking photos for your biz?

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