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I’ve built a business on storytelling through imagery. 

Helping online businesses like yours to grow and create brands that are relatable to your customer is what I'm all about.

In our internet age, images are your brands virtual handshake. The images you share let people know if they are in the right place, or if they should spend their money elsewhere.

Since we are attracting or repelling in every image, let's make sure you are attracting the right folks who you are excited to serve!

I work with businesses who want to hire a photographer as well as teach businesses how to understand how to create a compelling image on their own (because Instagram is a hungry beast and you need to have some DIY skills in your pocket as well!)

Ready to stand out from the crowd? You'll finally have the images to help  build a brand that will last rather than a business that looks like all the rest!

Sound good? Woot woot! Let's take this business of yours make elevate it to the next level!

I am a  branding photographer with a passion to help businesses grow with photos that elevate your brand.

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Hello there! I'm Becca

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"Becca has a gift for making her subjects feel comfortable."

The Reviews:

I knew I needed to invest in photos for my business. Being very nervous going into the process, I was relieved to find that Becca has a gift for making her subjects feel comfortable. I have been through many brutal photo shoots, and despite this one being extensive the time just flew buy.

She also had great insights for ways to incorporate branding into the shoot. I'm thrilled with the resulting photos and truly believe they will help me take my website, social media, and my business to the next level.

Five Minute Social Media



"Simply put, Becca is a talented photographer."

The Reviews:

Simply put, Becca is a talented photographer who not only delivers quality work but she is also very easy going and friendly while shooting. She has a great eye for detail and will give you direction as needed but also makes sure to capture plenty of candid moments that showcase true emotions. I highly recommend her as photographer!

Perfectly Posh Events



"Working with Becca was incredibly refreshing."

The Reviews:

Working with Becca was incredibly refreshing! Being that Sholdt has been a family owned and operated business here in Seattle since 1935 she really made me realize how important it was for my new website to tell a story.

With the images she took, she blew me definitely created a way for me to help show the world our beautiful jewelry and how it's made. We had an absolute blast over the three sessions that she came to take pics. Even popped some bottles! Thank you Becca!

Sholdt Jewelry



"Words cannot describe how happy I am with my experience getting branding photos done with Becca for my business!"

The Reviews:

She is the best at creating an atmosphere that makes you not only comfortable, but confident. She perfectly captured the day to day aspect of my life building my business (just me and my laptop!), but also took the time to showcase me as a hostess in my element while prepping for a party

Allison Carter Celebrates



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