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As you build your coaching or service-based business online, you’ll hear the term “personal brand.” 

But what is a personal brand exactly?

Before we answer what a personal brand is, let’s think about some of the people you follow and learn from online.

Who do you learn from?

Look at who you engage with?

Who are you attracted to online?

Think specifically about other coaches and online experts.

When you think about these people you follow, do you think about the person or their business?

Ever wondered just what goes into building a personal brand that attracts eager to buy clients? grab this checklist to get started

Did you think about the person, and how you felt connected to them?

You feel a connection to the person who shows up and shares their knowledge.

You are feeling connected to the person, but what she (or he) is doing is representing their business.

They are a personal brand!

You see, a personal brand is when YOU are the product.  You use your personality and your voice to be the face at the front of the business.

What is a personal brand?

And creating a personal brand is very impactful in the online world.

The reason being, that no one is meeting you in person to learn what you are like. They can’t learn what your values are, your approach, and how you can help them like they would in person.

They are meeting you through an app on their phone, or via a Google search.

And if all it feels like is a transaction of “give me money, I’ll give you service”, then you will flounder.

When you put photos of you on your home page, and in your feed, smiling big people connect with YOU.

When you share behind the scenes videos in IG stories people connect with YOU. Talk straight to your ideal client about the knowledge you have and how you can help them, they connect with YOU.

Share valuable content.

  Use videos and photos with you in it.  People will start to build an emotional connection to who you are.  They will see how you show up and they decide if they think you can help them or not.

Ever wondered just what goes into building a personal brand that attracts eager to buy clients? grab this checklist to get started

This results in the viewer looking at and becoming connected to YOU as a person. And what you are doing is conveying how you THRU YOUR BUSINESS can help them.

This is what a personal brand is and does.

what is a personal brand?

Why you should be cultivating your personal brand through all your marketing online.

As a personal brand, you should be:

-showing your face and your approach to your website.

Put the pictures of you next to the copy (the words) that explain how you can help.

-showing your face in photos in your feed.

People who land on your Instagram or Facebook are wondering who is the voice behind the content. Share your face regularly.  So that people know who is talking as well as they become more invested in who you are the more they see you.

Ever wondered just what goes into building a personal brand that attracts eager to buy clients? grab this checklist to get started

-using photos of you in your optins, sales pages, and any collateral you have.

The reason is that as a personal brand, YOU are your product.

The transformation you get your clients are connected to who you are.

So, if you are an online coach, service provider, course creator, or online expert, you ARE a personal brand.

Now it’s up to you to cultivate it!

Wondering what it takes to create a personal brand?  Grab my free Personal Branding Checklist for Online Coaches here.

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