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If you aren't currently attracting your dream clients, then you are most likely not creating a human connection with your audience. What you learn with this FREE CHECKLIST is how to build  a connection and attract your dream clients through personal branding.


A Personal Branding

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Define your personal brand in 8 simple steps

So you are building your business coaching biz online and you've realized that you have two options.

One is to look like ALL the other business coaches out there, and continue to struggle to fill your calendar, or deal with people who only want basement level prices.

Alternately you can cultivate a personal brand, and become known in your industry for who you are. This is how you attract eager to buy clients.

But that means there is work to do, but don't worry, this work is fluid and can start today (heck yeah!) even if you don't have it all ironed out.

Review these 8 steps you need to take to build a strong personal brand and build your authority in your industry.

Then use the final 2 pages to brainstorm how you'll build your personal brand! Which will bring in the clients who already know who you are and what you do and are eager to hire you!

ever wondered just what goes into building a personal brand that attracts eager to buy clients? grab this checklist to get started

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I used to flounder in ill fit inquiries and clients who only cared about getting the lowest price option.

Until I learned how to stand out and grab the attention of my dream clients that I  loved to serve.  This is when I learned the value of building a personal brand it completely transformed my business.

Now I help coaches like you get past your fear of being on camera so that you can attract dream clients through personal branding and photography.

I'M Becca

brand photographer +
 image strategist

this is why I created this Personal Brand Checklist, so that you know exactly what it will take to build a magnetic personal brand.

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By joining, you'll get this exclusive worksheet for free and be added to our newsletter. You can unsubscribe at any time.


 Personal Branding

for business coaches