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When you are a coach, you are a BIG big part of your brand. This is why branding photoshoot for coaches is important for your marketing plan.

How you show up and how you work with your clients is unique to who you are as a coach.

Branding photoshoot for coaches to show who you are and how you can attract your ideal client. Allowing you to build a booked out business.

What your personality is like.

What your values are.

And how you show up.

All of these aspects work together to attract the people who you are here to help.

And a big part of how you show up as your build your platform, as you attract your clients and build this business that you are driven to, is shown through the photos you share.

As a coach, it’s on you to build a personal brand that attracts your ideal clients.

As a branding photographer, I make sure to dive deeply into who you are and what the brand is that you are building.

It’s through the photos you share, that you can convey your story. It’s how you, in a moment’s notice, convey to the viewer if you are the right fit for them or not.

Because, as a brand, it’s just as important to repel the wrong people, as it is to attract the right people. A branding photoshoot for coaches helps attract the right people.

Last year, an inquiry landed in my inbox from Ellyn. She is a burnout coach for high achievers and goes by Coach Ellyn.

First off, let’s just focus on that one-liner. It’s a perfect fit for Ellyn and what she does. It tells you EXACTLY who it is that can benefit the most from what she has to offer.

So, as we chatted about what her needs were for photos, we dived into a couple of really important things if you want your photos to strategically attract the right clientele:

  • Who is your perfect client
  • Are you attracting your ideal client, or is something off? (Your photos can help align that attraction quickly!)
  • Where are your clients in their lives? What will they be attracted to?
  • How do your values interact with your brand, and what your clients will experience?
  • What parts of your personality are important to who you are as well as will attract the people who will also like that? Because this builds that familiarity and trust that is so important when building a personal brand.

Ellyn and I hopped on a video chat and dove right into where she is in business and where she is aiming to go.

Then we created a plan to make it happen.

I gave Ellyn some homework. This was to make sure that we would be creating photos that speak to her brand, and actually are useful to all marketing aspects. (If you want to see what that homework is you can see it via my Personal Brand Photoshoot Prep Mini-Course here.

Brand photos are meant to strategic and useful to your business.

These are marketing resources for you that works 1000% better than any stock styled desktop image could.

Ellyn looked through her website, her sales pages, her opt-ins and her Instagram. We knew what type of emotion was needed as well as the aspect ratio for specific photos on her website.

Because when you plan in advance, and know what you are looking to create, you can create the perfect thing that will show your personality as well as build your brand.

Ellyn knew she was looking to attract:

  • women under 30
  • who liked to travel
  • digital nomads
  • career-minded
  • high achievers
  • overwhelmed
  • burnt out
  • and tired

Ellyn knew what she wanted to be part of her brand:

  • That she is a laid back gal who is more often than not in workout clothes
  • She loves to laugh and look at the positivity in the world
  • She is an ex-scientist and always looking to learn and grow
  • She talks a lot about staying focused
  • Health is key to staying on top of overwhelm
  • She is not scared of some cussing to get her point across
  • She loves the outdoors and believes in getting outside to stay mentally healthy,
  • Her colors are green and blue

There are a lot of other aspects to Ellyn’s personality. She chooses to put in her marketing only what will attract her ideal client.

At the time of our branding photoshoot, Ellyn had just come back from a year+ abroad and was staying at her parent’s home till she could find a place of her own.

Since the look and feel of her parents house didn’t visually connect with the people she was trying to attract, we decided to rent an AirBnB for her branding photoshoot.

This allowed us place that looked like a home or place that her ideal client could see themselves. They would feel connected to the space as much as the person in the photos. This is a big part of the planning process.

You need to make sure that your location in the photos will attract your ideal client. You want them to think “I could see myself in that space with her.”

We planned out about 15 different messages that she wanted to have photos for. In the 15 main messages, we spent about 20 minutes creating the pillar visuals as well as the detail visuals that would go along with her messaging.

By starting with the message, and pairing the type of photo that will build on that message, it makes her marketing and her brand more impactful.

Now, she always has a photo to be able to pair with her message.

There is never a disconnect because we knew what message would be going with the visuals before we ever picked up the camera.

She was able to completely recreate her website and social media profiles with the new brand photos we created for her. You can see the before and afters here.

before and after website and social media account for lifestyle coach Coach Ellyn. Before and after her brand photoshoot

I am eager to send people to my website and in connecting with people on my social media because just through looking through these images, I feel like people truly have a sense of me, who I am and what I’m about in my coaching.” – Ellyn

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