You are ready to build your personal brand

you know that sharing photos of you will build the connection with your audience that will bring in clients.

But, you are not really sure where to start.

What photos will actually connect with your audience?
How do you convey your needs to your photographer?
What do you wear and what do you do in the photos?

you're feeling a bit lost

because you've never done a branding photoshoot before.


mini course

The Personal Brand Photoshoot Prep

the coach or course creator who needs custom  photos to build your personal brand.

this is for you

The Personal Brand Photoshoot Prep Mini Course


This mini course walks you through how to know what photos you need in YOUR business that will attract your clients and build your brand.

While you could go and hire a photographer, and hope that you get some decent photos from the shoot, you are missing an opportunity to get great marketing photos that are perfect for your needs.

If you are not strategic about the photos you need to create, you'll end up let down by the results.

The Personal Brand Photoshoot Prep Mini Course takes you step by step through the planning process I take all my branding photography clients through.

To ensure that all the most important photos are created. So you have the right photos you need, not just a bunch of pretty photos  that are not strategic and end up sitting unused on your computer.

Say no more, I’m in!

Hey there I'm Becca. It's nice to meet you!

Helping convey a visual story and values to your clients in the quickest way possible helps elevate your brand and your business. Because with only 5 seconds to grab a viewers attention and get them interested online, the images you show are critical to getting them to take the next step.

I'm also a marketing obsessed, lover of Oreos and all things warm, mom of two and a busy business owner.

I created this mini course to help coaches and course creators who may not live close enough to hire me, still be able to strategically plan your brand photo shoot, no matter who you hire.

Becca Ellison

Photographer + educator at
Rebecca Ellison Creative

And, just who am I? 


Keep reading for all the details!

who's invited?

This is for coaches and course creators

You need to build your audience to build your online business 

You use social media to build connection with your audience.

You know sharing photos of you is important, but you don't know what type of photos work best.

If you are ready to build an audience and your personal brand, starting with on brand photos is the next step.

Enough said, I’m in!

what's included

Your Brand As It Is Today

First off, start with where your brand is today. To know how things change, you have to know where you started right?  

Image Planning

Brainstorm and plan out all your most important photos as well as the supplemental photos you can use all over your marketing.

Wardrobe and Prop Ideas

Learn what to wear, and what to avoid as well as what props to gather before you shoot.

Shoot Prep

How to gather and prep everything you need before the actual shoot.

Post Shoot

Use all your brand photos and build that personal brand! 

I can’t wait to begin! Sign me up!

Don't take it from us. here's what past students & clients have said...

I  loved the preparation process that Becca had me go through in getting ready for my shoot. The photo ideas I was able to come up with through that process have really allowed me to feel like I have images that can be used for anything and everything my brand calls for and that makes me feel so prepared, confident, and excited as a solopreneur.

Coach Ellyn

She's developed a system for branding photography that's very effective, and allows you to create the images you really need. 

Laura Grauer

This was so much more than I expected. I needed photos that convey my long-term commitment to help food addicts. I've been wracking my brain for a long time on how to do this through photos. Rebecca accomplished this spectacularly.

Joan Ifland



Personal Brand Photoshoot Prep Mini Course

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