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 service based business

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Are you overwhelmed by your
branding and marketing needs? 

and you're tired of blending in with all the other businesses in your niche?

If you struggle with attracting clients to your service based business, it's likely  because you haven't defined your brand in a way that makes you unique in the market place. And until you do so, you will struggle to get business.

What you need is to create a strategy to build your personal brand online. So that you can build authority in your niche, build your network and attract dream clients which leads to business growth.

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I used to flounder in ill fit inquiries and clients who only cared about getting the lowest price option.

Until I learned how to stand out and grab the attention of my dream clients that I loved to serve. This is when I learned the value of building a personal brand it completely transformed my business.

Now I help coach online service-based businesses intentionally craft your personal brand, so that you can attract your dream client and build a profitable business. 

I'M Becca

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You get stuck in the need for things to be perfect, which stops you from moving forward with any strategy and need help with follow through.

You find yourself following every new idea you hear, or see someone else do, but never gain traction because there is another shiny thing to try.

Your current brand has been an afterthought, or lacks cohesion so you show up differently in all the different online spaces, but don't know how to create a cohesive and welcoming brand.

You struggle staying consistent with marketing because you don't know what you are doing, or have a strategy of what to say, when and how?

Your visuals and messaging are not cohesive and you don't even know where to start to make them work together.

Do you have stories like these ones?






And would rather have stories like these?

A client reworked her website to better clarify her offers and had 3 new clients within 2 weeks.

A client got clarity in what offers to create with a game plan for future offers that will add to her funnel and enhance her client experience as she ads them.

A client created a marketing plan that allowed her business to strategize for the future and build out promotions and sales that bring in more money. Created and set on autopilot so she has a consistent presence online without added effort.

A client was able to raise his rates by 40% and is solidly booked out 6 weeks in advance.





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helping service based entrepreneurs intentionally build your personal brand &  attract dream clients so that you build a profitable business.

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We can look at where your business currently is and where you want to take it. Then build a plan to get you there.

Let's optimize your social networks and online presence ensuring a cohesive brand presence, no matter how people run across your business

We can define your niche and your content strategy.

We can hone your messaging, define your brand stories,  streamline your images, and graphics.

We can strategize what images you need in your business to intentionally build a personal brand aligning the visuals with your messaging to make a more powerful impact.

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Each business is unique, and so is the 

here are some topics we can cover, depending on your needs

Personal Brand







so that you can build the profitable business of your dreams and make it your reality.

so that we cultivate a strategic brand presence that attracts your dream client on autopilot.

so that  you can provide value and authority in your industry.

so that you can align all these important aspects to build brand recognition.

so that people know, like and trust you (and are eager to book) before they've even inquired.

So that we can stay connected through your coaching package allowing you to get feedback and make massive progress during our time together.



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Every business has different needs, so the Personal Brand Plan is custom fit to you.

Schedule a complimentary discovery call below and let me know what you are struggling with in your marketing and branding. In the call, we can discuss what your exact needs are, see if we are a good fit,  and then create a coaching package unique to your needs.