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ALL editing is done in LR and heavy retouching in PS. I'm in both these programs hourly.

Photography viewing gallery. Pretty, easy to use and doesn't charge commission for print sales.

Like my personal server. Keeps all important biz files up to date and on all computers. Plus side it's cloud backup as well.

Client management, shoot scheduling, contracts, invoices and my brain.

Where I plan my content, write it out, fix it and schedule social posts. 
Saves me hours a week.

Email, Calendar and all around digital filing of all things business.

Amazing custom website builder while still giving easy wordpress blog access

Email list program. Lets me share my knowledge easily with you all weekly! 

Day to day productivity tool. Super visual so I can keep my todos and manage day to day business needs.

Where I host digital downloads and stock I sell.

Super nifty quiz builder. Creates quizes for email list building and teaching your audience.

Because I can't words.
And apparently I don't know where commas should go, or how to spell. 😝

Online course builder and host. So I can share my knowledge and help you grow too.

When you need a graphic fast and easy. You go Canva because Photoshop takes too dang long.

I use The Contract Shop Contract templates, privacy policies and all things legal in template form.

Online scheduler so you don't have to deal with the back and forth of scheduling ever again.

* some of these links are affiliate links that give me a little kickback if you sign up. I only share what I use and love :) And it's nice to get love back when promoting another's company

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