Create a consistent brand

Is your company messaging clear and consistent? 

It can feel like there are just too many things to keep track of, and sometimes we care more about just creating the content and getting it out there, then if that content has the same look and feel as the rest of our business. 

I used to be super inconsistent with my branding. I thought it was better to have the flyer / ad / social media post out there than to take the time to make sure the graphics, colors, font and all that was consistent.  I never gained any traction, and my biz was stagnant.

People want to do business with a company they recognize and can trust, but how can they recognize you if you don't stay consistent with how you represent your company?

People wonder if you can't be consistent with your messaging, how will you be consistent in your offerings?

It was a game changer when I started being very specific with my brand, look and the tone of all the messaging! And I want that for you too.

People want to do business with companies they trust.
And they trust what they recognize. 

Get this FREE 7 page Brand Planning Guide you'll have all the tools needed to stay on brand for everything!



You'll learn:

•Brainstorming your brand message to ensure all the other aspects have the same tone
•What exact fonts to use. Written down and saved so you can stay consistent
•What your logo says about the tone of your business
•What colors convey what feeling and how to find the six digit color code that lets you use the exact color every time!
•What your website theme is, your likes/dislikes and how to make sure that it is also on brand
•Your images you use in all website, promotions, social posts and how to plan for using the right images the right way.
I want you to succeed in building a strong brand, and the first step will be in your inbox moments after clicking that button!

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