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Using images that build a brand

what you'll get:

you'll learn the most impactful image on your website

You've got less than 5 seconds to convince someone to stay when they land on your website. What type of image you should use that will convince them to stay and look around a while.

Inside peek to what industry leaders are doing

Building a brand is how you stand out and grow a loyal audience. See how the industry leaders are showing up in their brand, and how you can do it too.

Lots of examples of images you can use as your build your brand

5 pages of image examples showing you the type of images that work well and how you can replicate them in your own business!

Learn how strategically using images in your business quickly builds your brand. With examples of what images work best!

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I've spent 13 years studying people and how they interact.

I watch so that I can understand what makes people buy from one company over another.

I've taken a winding path to where I am. Each experience helping me understand what people connect with. And how I can share my knowledge and passion to help others grow in business as well.

I'm a brand photographer and image strategist helping online businesses build a brand through the images you share.

I'M Becca

brand photographer +
 image strategist

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what you'll learn:

How to strategically choose images for your website and social that convert lookers into buyers.

see what the industry leaders are doing, as they build their brand, and how you can implement that in your own business

you'll have pages of visuals to get ideas for your own brand photos




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