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Photography has become more and more accessible to people with gear getting easier to use and less and less expensive each year. With this shift, we have see such an influx of people running small businesses selling products they’ve made and needing to showcase those products to be able to sell them. While even 5 […]

If you have a product based business here are product photography tips for shooting in your home. I see frustrated small business owners every where in Facebook groups and forums and I wonder if you can relate. It’s hard to figure out product photography lighting especially when you are doing your side hustle from home. […]

  We all spend an epic amount of time on our phones, and especially on Instagram. Seeing images from peoples lives gives us the feeling like we are  connecting to people, and as small businesses, we invite people in to see what our businesses are like as well as our lives. It’s not only a […]

Branding is a buzz word these days as more and more people jump into the freelance and small business world. The importance of branding photography is growing as well.   Everyone is realizing they need to be creating a personal brand. But how do you do that?    One of the fastest ways to convey your personal […]

Understanding how to use your iPhone to create better images in your business is one of the best things you can do for marketing.  But what are the best iPhone photography apps to create these great images?    Maybe you are beginning your creative business and needing to DIY all your imagery.  Or maybe you […]

Let’s be real, we all want to look amazing in the photos we are in right? And we all can benefit from simple posing tips to help us look amazing. No one likes to see a post we’ve been tagged in and think “oh god, why?” I’ve found that people automatically assume, when they don’t […]

You see flat lay photographs all the time, but do you know how to create a flat lay for Instagram? A beautiful product shot, is extremely important in the 2019 digital purchasing market. Flat lay images do a great job of creating those beautiful product shots. I fell in love with product photography back in […]

Your iPhone is out and ready and you are about to take a photo to post on Instagram for your biz, but you just can’t get rid of that orangey look on the subject’s skin. What is going on? Why are skin tones looking like an Oompa Loompa? You know you want to avoid orange photos, but […]

Learn tips on composition and the rule of thirds in this photography tips blog post. Elevate your brand with quality photography.

Do you need better looking photos for your Instagram feed, but you can’t yet invest in a branding photographer? Take these tips on how to create professional looking photos yourself in this post about how to take professional photos for Instagram yourself

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