Free Masterclass : 3 Pro Secrets to Getting On- Brand Photos with your Smartphone

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Free Masterclass : 3 pro secrets to getting on-brand photos with your smartphone

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3 Pro Secrets to Getting On Brand Photos with your Smartphone

free masterclass : the 3 secrets to taking on brand photos with a smartphone

Next week I am offering my first ever free masterclass, and I can’t wait to share it with you!

You see, as a branding photographer, I take note of what you do when promoting your online business. I have a deep appreciation for the time and effort that goes into building your online biz. Let’s be real… sometimes there are even tears.

Free Masterclass - The 3 pro secrets to getting on brand photos with your smartphone

I’ve been there. I’m in the trenches as you are, trying new things and seeing what makes a real impact in my biz.

Some things work like gangbusters.

Some other things…. Not so much.

I’ve watched and learned what makes the biggest differences in how a business grows and makes an impact.

There is one thing that makes a huge difference. I’ve watched it happen again and again.  When you, the business owner, decides to step out from behind your work and build a brand. A brand that people connect with and grabs interest.

When you’ve shown up in a way that lets people connect with you as a human,  people come out of the woodwork to work with you!

They want to learn from you about how you can make a difference in their life.

It’s like a secret sauce. But you may be confused and frustrated because you don’t know how to do this “brand” thing.

There is a lot to building a brand as an online business. As a service provider or course creator, the best way is to show up consistently and give give give. Give knowledge, give ideas, share your way to tackle the problem they have, and people will love it!

But on top of giving value, there is also the need to show up and be a human that people can connect with!

It’s as easy as that!

The content is great (and sooo important!) but the personality and human behind the brand is JUST as important.

Show your face. Give your potential clients and students a person to connect with (that would be you!)

Free masterclass - 3 pro tips to getting on-brand photos with your smartphone

It sounds super simple but can be harder to execute, which I totally understand.

Especially when you don’t (yet!) have the funds for hiring a branding photographer?

You are not a photographer, nor do you desire to be one. So what is a girl to do?

How do you get these photos of yourself to show and share on your website and social?

Social media has helped remove the veil that kept businesses and clients apart. But it has also greatly increased the need for imagery. 

We can thank Instagram for that!

I get not wanting to be a photographer. But, you are building a brand. One of the most impactful things you can do is to learn how to create compelling images. Photos to share and use throughout your brand.

I know… you’re confused.  I said you don’t need to be a photographer, and then said that you need to know how to take compelling images right?

Seems like two different messages?

Well, hear me out.

Thanks to the amazing device in your pocket… gone are the days where you need to understand the technical aspects of photography.

You don’t need to know how the camera itself works and dive deep into the weeds of the art of photography.

But, as a brand, knowing how to create a compelling image is critical.

And lucky for you, it’s not that hard!

Armed with your smartphone, and some knowledge, you can do it.  There are 3 pro secrets that will help create compelling images. Images that you are excited to share… and people are excited to engage in…  almost instantly!

So what are these 3 pro secrets?

I’m sharing the exact secrets in my upcoming masterclass, and it’s free!

This masterclass is perfect for you if :

  • You have an online business, service or educational works!
  • You use social media to connect with your audience
  • You want to grow your business into a brand and make a bigger impact than just selling some stuff.

So, what do you say, will you join me and learn these 3 pro secrets to creating on-brand images? Even when your camera of choice is your smartphone!

free masterclass : the 3 secrets to taking on brand photos with a smartphone

Sign up for this FREE Masterclass here : 3 Pro Secrets to Getting On Brand Photos with your Smartphone

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