Should you hire a professional photographer for social media blog post
Should you hire a professional photographer for social media?

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Should you hire a professional photographer for social media blog post

 Do you need a photographer for social media

Amy Porterfield did a great episode all about How to Plan Your First Photo Shoot just last week. She goes over all you can expect while you prep and plan for your own brand photoshoot.

should you hire a professional photographer for social media? We go over when you should and should not invest in a professional for your business.

For any business online, the images you show of yourself are critical to your audience’s perception of you.

 Investing in a brand photoshoot is the way to go to make sure you have amazing branded images.

If you want to hear from an expert, Amy’s podcast episode 281 is a great listen.

But what about a social media photographer?

When would you need a professional photoshoot for your social media?

What would be the deciding factor of if you should hire a photographer for your social media?

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Answer this question: Does a majority of your business come from an experience you provide online for your audience?

Having a social media photographer can help your online presence. But, it is also an expense, and it is smart to look closely and see if it’s an expense your business will benefit from!

behind the scenes of Seattle branding photographer

You know you should hire a social media photographer when:

  • 1- You have, or are growing an online presence and connect with followers on social media daily.
  • 2- You never know what to take photos of, and your photos always look like amateur snapshots. It feels like a total chore AND an epic waste of your time. Because let’s be real, it takes way more time than it should from your daily tasks.
  • 3- You offer online education OR are a service-based business. As the person looking to hire you or buy your content want to trust that you will provide what you say you will. Building that trust is critical to taking the customer onto the next step in the journey.
  • 4- Your analytics show that people engage with photos with YOU in them more than anything else you post. But, you don’t have the ability (or skill) to create images of you that are not obvious selfies.

woman holding smart phone camera, taking photos for social media

You can stick to DIYing your social media photos when:

  • 1- Photography and lighting comes easy to you and you find it to be super fun.
  • 2- You don’t rely on social media to connect with your clients or potential clients.
  • 3- Your biz isn’t making a lot of money yet. You should invest in other places before up-leveling your social media game.

When you hire a social media photographer they will be able to go over the best ideas with you.  You’ll brainstorm what you can do in the photos to engage with your audience!

  Keep in mind that social media and branding photography is a different niche than portrait or wedding photography.

It’s not about taking a couple of pretty photos. It’s about strategic photos that are beautiful and connect with your ideal client! 

But Becca, how often should I book a photographer? 

These are really important questions to ask!  

This is dependant on your posting rate and how much the shoots will cover. 

Most social media photoshoots are 60-90 minutes.  They include a specific number of images delivered, that are mean for social media.

The more shoots you commit to when you book, the lower the price could be. This depends on the photographer’s business practices. so always ask.  If you know you will want many shoots, then book them all at once to save money!

Now, what about the cost? 

This is also going to be dependant on your photographer, but let’s give a launching off point.

It’s important to remember that the photographer is a professional. They are going to give you results that will enhance your online brand and should be paid for their worth. 

A photographer who knows what they are doing is an investment, like any other part of your biz!

 And these images pay off in the long run so plan to invest some money.

Also, if you work with the same photographer and commit to many shoots at once, you may be able to get a “bulk” type discount. Ask your photographer!

Now, the cost will vary but here’s a range to think about. Social media images created monthly, expect to pay a minimum of $350-$550 per photoshoot. 

If your photographer is more experienced, more “famous” you will pay more. Same goes for if you are looking for a longer photoshoot or more images. So keep that in mind!

Woman searches on her computer for a social media photographer

How do you find a social media photographer to help you out? 

I’d hop on Google and search for: 

” social media photographer [your city here] ” 

or “brand photographer [your city here]” 

” or “brand photographer [your city here]” 

Like I mentioned before a brand / social media photographer is looking at creating strategic images for you. 

It’s not about a pretty photo. So you will want to find a photographer who understands that strategy vs any ol’ photographer.  

Photographers specialize for a great reason! It’s to be the best we can be in the area of our expertise! 

 A baby photographer won’t understand exactly how to showcase you like a brand photographer will!  So don’t hire a baby photographer for you social media images!

If you don’t find anything via the magic of the Google search bar, I would then hop on Instagram,

Do some hashtag searching:




are all great resources to search! 

The next place I would try is to go into a local Facebook group. Pick one for businesses in your niche and/or your specific area and ask for a recommendation.

 Then you know exactly what the experience is like because you are talking to someone who did that work! 

If you are in the Seattle area and want to chat more about social media photography, learn more about working with Rebecca Ellison Creative here : Social Media Photographer

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