Our business mastermind members in the Kaleidoscope Co Mastermind Experience event in Chicago
Power of Collaboration: A Transformative Journey at our Chicago Business Mastermind Event

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Power of Collaboration: A Transformative Journey at our Chicago Business Mastermind Event

Welcome, fellow online biz friends, to a tale of connection, transformation, and building relationships during our Kaleidoscope Co Business Mastermind Experience.

Before I jump into the mastermind experience and the amazing time we had together in Chicago, let me tell you what our goals were when creating our online business mastermind experience!

Last year, a group of friends and I had this idea. Could we collaborate on a business mastermind experience focused on relationships and connections?

What if, we could bring people together to build their online businesses with others who truly got what they were doing… and were not in the conversation for a sleazy “it’s nice to meet you” turned sales pitch in the DMs?

Would it be possible to build a group of like-minded people who not only wanted to grow their business but grow their community at the same time? 

Check out the post where I first talked about it. I felt so lonely in business.

You see, the eight of us met at a conference in 2022. After three short days together, we started to build a bond and a community we had all been searching for… but not found online. The bond was solidified when we all joined a year-long coaching program together which gave us the opportunity to continue meeting and connecting, long after our flights home from the conference.

Our lives had changed so much in the 6 months we had known each other. Our text threads constantly blew up with convos that ranged from funnel struggles to lead management and onto best road trips and crazy shit our kids said.  

It was common to come back to my phone to see 87 missed text messages!

6 months in, we realized we had something special. Something that we had all been missing. And all of us knew other businesses also desiring that kind of community.

So, when Danielle, one of our core 8, had the idea of us hosting a business mastermind retreat… we were all intrigued

The Idea was Born

Could we bring what we had accidentally created in our group to the world? 

And do it with intention?

We started brainstorming and realized quickly, that expecting connections like ours to happen after a simple 2 day event wouldn’t be easy to cultivate.

So, the idea demon (what I call all distracting ideas in my business before they are vetted and allowed in) quickly transformed from a 2 day conference into a  to a full-year mastermind.

Talk about go big or go home right?

We wanted our members to be able to meet as often as weekly to have that sounding board you want in a business mastermind. We’d mastermind for a year, meeting online, but the crux is we would solidify these relationships in the middle at an in-person event and then finish off the year back in our Zoom rooms.

Because it’s when you get in the room that the magic happens. 

 We chose the windy city of Chicago for our event, where we would all change these online relationships into true in-person friendships. 

And holy crap.  Has this experience been amazing!!!! 

And we are only ½ way through.

But today I want to highlight the magic and fun that was had as 17 we joined together for 2.5 days of business mastermind goodness together in person in Chicago!

Kaleidoscope Co Mastermind Event in Chicago – May 2023 www.kaleidoscopeco.co

Since we had a small and intimate group, we could book a third-floor penthouse loft right in Fulton Market. Imagine the bustling streets, the laughter that fills the air, and a gathering of brilliant minds in the heart of this magnificent city. The fun twist that we found out when we arrived… was it was a third-floor walkup. So we all got to get our steps in each day. Get that brain firing with 43 stairs of cardio lol.

 The 2.5-day event left us buzzing with excitement, overflowing with inspiration, and eager to share the experience with you. So, grab your favorite beverage, get comfortable, and let me take you on an unforgettable journey through the Kaleidoscope Co Business Mastermind event!

Day 1: When online turns in person

Sunday night, we opened the penthouse for a welcome event to kick things off. When everyone arrived, something truly special unfolded… we all could see each others legs! It became a running joke of the weekend as we were finally not just floating heads on a Zoom call. The laughter, the hugs, the instant real conversations were all there. Everyone came with open arms and a genuine warmth that set the tone for what lay ahead There was no awkwardness, no hiding in a corner, because we all knew each other after months of Zoom masterminding.

The energy was high as we embarked on what we hoped would be a transformative journey, where walls were broken down and connections were forged, creating a supportive community of like-minded online entrepreneurs who understood the challenges we faced.

In person event for our business mastermind hosted by Kaleidoscope Co in Chicago 2023.

Day 2: Where Brilliance Meets Inspiration

The second day unfolded with a bounty of wisdom, inspiration, and insights. We shared our story of the core 8, and how our businesses had transformed by showing up in the room.  Each core 8 spoke, sharing their expertise and revealing strategies to propel our businesses and relationships forward. We discovered the power of prioritizing relationships over sleazy DM marketing, creating messaging that attracts dream clients, connecting over food, and learning how to streamline our operations for sustainable growth. But the true magic of the day came alive during the mastermind sessions.

Imagine a room filled with passionate entrepreneurs with unique perspectives and experiences. In our small group, we engaged in collaborative exercises that sparked creativity and breakthroughs. We were in a safe space where each mastermind member could sit in the hot seat and learn how to create better offers, tweak their messaging, and add clarity to their goals. 

Ideas were freely exchanged, and the group’s combined wisdom sparked innovation and revealed new opportunities.  It was a moment of genuine connection and support where we found comfort in knowing that we were not alone on this challenging entrepreneurial journey.

We ended the day with small groups headed to family-style dinners. Where we could cultivate those “in-between” moments over food and laughter. Continuing to build the memories that friendships blossom in.

Dinner during In person event for our business mastermind hosted by Kaleidoscope Co in Chicago 2023.

Day 3: Where Dreams Take Flight

On the last full day of our adventure, a sense of empowerment and opportunity was everywhere. Day three was dedicated to translating inspiration into action. Through workshops and guided exercises, we crafted actionable plans, setting goals that would propel our businesses forward. We embraced personal development and accountability, knowing the momentum gained during the event would carry us beyond its conclusion.

And ending the event with another memory-making event by sharing time and laughter at the Color Factory. Also helpful that it’s a selfie-taking extravaganza, allowing for content opportunities everywhere!

Yet, the true magic of the event lay in the power of vulnerability and authentic connection. We shared our fears, challenges, and dreams, creating a safe and nurturing space where friendships blossomed and collaborations flourished. Together, we formed a network of support, a community that continues to thrive long after the event’s end—a testament to the transformative impact of real relationships in the online business world.

In person event for our business mastermind hosted by Kaleidoscope Co in Chicago 2023.

Looking Ahead: Where Possibilities Await after the Business Mastermind

The echoes of our time together in Chicago sit with me daily.  We instantly saw a difference in our continued mastermind calls since the event. It’s a different energy. Because the relationship is different. More real.

Our goal of building an opportunity for online service-based businesses in search of genuine connection and growth came true. The allure of relationship marketing and real connections is strong, and we are so excited that we offer an alternative to impersonal DM marketing.  This mastermind experience is a gateway to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

For Kaleidoscope Co, the spirit of collaboration, connection, and growth remains at the heart of what we do.

We knew we were onto something in the summer of 2022 when we hatched the idea of the Kaleidoscope Co Mastermind Experience.  This experience has revealed the true power of collaboration and authentic relationships available in the online business landscape, and the crazy part is that we have another half a year left before the experience is even over!

So, after reading all about our in person portion of our business mastermind experience, if you are an online, service-based businesses longing for genuine connections… we are here for you.

Our Kaleidoscope Co Mastermind Experience invites you to a place where loneliness fades away and genuine connections flourish.

We invite you to leave behind the impersonal DM marketing tactics and embrace a community that nurtures and supports your growth.

Pouring champagne at the in person event for our business mastermind hosted by Kaleidoscope Co in Chicago 2023.

Is a business mastermind what you are looking for?

In the fall, we will again open the doors, ready to welcome a new cohort of ambitious entrepreneurs seeking to find your biz besties.  The energy, the knowledge, and the connections await those who are ready to step into this enriching experience. Join us in the Kaleidoscope Co Mastermind, where business meets life, and we thrive through genuine relationships.

Mark your calendars, spread the word, and prepare for an event that will leave you inspired, empowered, and ready to conquer new heights in your online service-based business. Let’s rewrite the rules of success, one collaboration at a time.

Are you ready to be part of something extraordinary?  Your next move is to join the waitlist here when we reopen enrollment in November 2023. Or if you want to get a taste of what the mastermind is all about, join our free Facebook group Connections | Collaborations | Community. We host a free mastermind call here on the second Wednesday of every month.

join our free Facebook group Connections | Collaborations | Community.

So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to get in the room and change your business forever? 

Big Thanks to Event Photographer Barbie Hull Photography -for photographing the event and for our house manager Cathy, who kept the food scene moving and delicious!

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