what is a website audit?
What is a Website Audit?

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what is a website audit?

What is a website audit?

what is a website audit

A website audit is a review of how your website is performing in relation to your specific goals. There are multiple different types of audits you can have done. What you choose depends on what you are trying to measure. I go over smart website audits in this article.

As a small business, it’s likely you’ve never considered doing a website review. Maybe you didn’t realize how important your website is to bring in leads and booking your business out.

Just imagine if you did a website audit, adjusted your strategies, and brought in 10% more leads a month. What about 20% or 50%?

I have a handyman client whose website and Google ranking bring him in over 500 clicks to his site a month, and he averages 3 new leads a day. When his leads end up averaging $1000+ in revenue, that is hugely impactful to his business.

There seem to be three types of entrepreneurs in the service industry.

Entrepreneur 1: The one that doesn’t think a website is needed at all. So they either don’t have one or their website is basic AF and hasn’t been updated…. ever. I wrote a post last week talking about the website vs social media decision.

Entrepreneur 2: Next we have the entrepreneur who knows that a website is an important part of your business, but you don’t know what to do with it… like, at all.

Entrepreneur 3: And then the third type of service-based business that makes sure their website converts and is updating and tweaking it constantly.

Now, I’m going to venture out on a limb and say unless you are in marketing or design, you fall pretty squarely into the group with Entrepreneur 2.

If you identify with Entrepreneur 1, then I highly recommend reading my post from last week “Does Your Service Business Need a Website?”

woman working on laptop, website audit

It’s a popular place to hang! There are a LOT of cogs that go into having a successful website. And a website that actually converts. Because that is a HUGE deal.

Back in 2010, you could have a website and call it good with minimal attention to it. But people have gotten used to great websites and don’t have the patience for slow or confusing websites anymore.

This is why a website audit is critical to complete at least every 18 months. It’s important you know what your website is doing for you, and how well it’s converting.

This does NOT mean you need to do a rebrand or have a huge redesign that costs $5000 to get done.

Many times, you can massively level up the conversions on your website by doing some strategic messaging tweaking. By guiding your prospect along the way. Virtually holding their hand if you will.

how to organically build an image bank for your business

There are different types of website audits. Here are 5 beneficial options:

Lead Conversion Website Audit

  • This is a website audit where your website is reviewed as per how the user experiences the website and how well your site converts
  • It’s up to you as the business owner to decide what a conversion is to you. Is it an email sign up? A sale? An inquiry?

SEO Website Audit

  • This type of audit looks at how your website is being ranked and found online. They range from basic SEO to in depth audits that go into deep, technical knowledge search engine optimization.
  • SEO audits look at what your keywords are, how your pages are ranking, what traffic you are getting from Google, how quickly your site is loading and other aspects that Google will judge your site on.

Website Content Audit

  • This type of audit looks at your content and how it is driving traffic and educating your audience. A content audit will tell you where your gaps in your content are, as well as what is working well.

Competitive Analysis Audit

  • A competitive analysis audit is less about your website and more about how it compares to your competitors. This is a great audit to have done if you want to see what the top people in your industry are doing in their website, content, and social media and how your strategies compare.
working on laptop  at her desk

Depending on what your focus is in your business, you’ll choose the right audit for the end result you are looking for.

I always recommend a website audit before investing in a full visual rebrand.

Because, while a new design and look to your site can be fun and exciting, but it can also be a large expense that doesn’t fix your problems.

You can invest in a new website, but if you are using the same strategies as before, you’ll end up with the same problems…just a prettier version of them.

So, tell me in the comments below, what type of website audit do you want for your business?

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