5 Easy Ways to Use Images in your Business

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5 easy ways to use images in your business

If you’re like most small companies, you get that you need to have images on your website to sell what you do. Pretty photos of the bouquet you made, or a good photo of that handmade boxes you make and sell on Etsy.

But do you ever think about the other ways that images can play a roll in your business? The other ways you can connect and create a desire for people to learn more from you?

Check out these 5  easy ways to use images in your business.

1) Photos of you

As a small business, the thing that is unique about you is you. It’s the people who run it and make it happen, and this is an area that so so so many small businesses skim over and just throw up a quick selfie or badly lit iPhone photo and call it a day.

But trust me, this is a HUGE mistake! Your photo on your website is the first impression many are getting of who you are and if they want to work with you. Why would you throw up a poor quality or dark or unprofessional looking snap and want that to be the first impression?

It’s like shaking someone’s hand and feeling it all soft, clammy, and lame. No matter what impression you’ve given before that point, people will remember this soft clammy handshake and walk away.

Do you have to be super fancy for a great photo of you? It’s helpful, but not required by any means! If you don’t have a budget for a headshot, at least do you hair and makeup, go outside and find a shady but bright area with a solid color background, hand your phone over to your friend and have them take 20-30 images. Have them stand on a chair or a short stool to get them at a slightly higher angle than you making sure you look great! Then pick the best one and use that until you have the chance to get real headshots done. Trust me, your potential clients will appreciate it!


2) Behind the scenes

What you do on a daily basis may be boring to you since you do it all the time, but trust me, it’s interesting to others. Especially if you are in a service or creative field. Hand lettering invites may just be what happens on Wednesday to you, but it is probably a “holy mother of wow, I can’t believe that’s how it is done” type of thing to the person looking to hire you. If you impress people, they remember you.

Share your knowledge, and share your talent. People will respond!

3) Images that convey your style, brand message/lifestyle

Imagery conveys so much. That’s why they say a picture is worth 1000 words. Images paint the picture you want in your client’s mind. We live in a fast-paced and visual world. By sharing your style through the images you choose and you stay consistent, it will attract the type of client who is also attracted to that style, and will be interested in working with you!

Do you find yourself scratching your head thinking “That’s great Becca, but I’m not a photographer… how am I supposed pull this one off?”

Don’t you worry, that is exactly what brand photo shoots are for! When you are at the point where you want to impress and really stand out, it may take a bit more work and a styled photo shoot, but my oh my is it worth it!

4) Instagram

This should really be all social media, but let’s be real, the behemoth right now is Instagram. Sharing who you are and what you’re about is important if you want to stop the scrolling and grab attention. People want to see not only images but great images that have the same fee5 behind them and tell the same overall story. And don’t be scared and hide behind images of the pretty things you create. Show you, show what you do, who you are and why you do this business of yours if you really want to build connection!

5) Blog and newsletter content

The great thing about images is that you can use them over and over again! When you blog, posts with images get 94% more total views! You can use images like your product or service, some behind the scenes photos or a photo of you at work. Tie it to what content you are creating so it stays relevant and then post away! Just don’t forget to pin it on Pinterest afterward!

There you have it! 5 easy ways to use images in your business!

Have you thought of any other ways you’d like to share how you use images in your business? If so, comment below!

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