My Top 8 Favorite Small Business Podcasts

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I love to learn. It’s almost an obsession. I devour books and business ideas and am always fixing/tweaking/changing my business and my life with these tips I pick up, and I can’t seem to get enough.

I also love to tell others about the things I learn and have found valuable, and that is one of the main reason I love writing for this blog!

I take pretty much every chance I can to learn something new, so it’s pretty rare to find me listening to music. I’m much more likely to have a podcast in my ear and at night a business book on my kindle. Well, my husband would say that the Kindle is on my face, and I’m snoring under it, but it starts out with a business book to read 🙂

I’ve listened to a ton of podcasts, and want to share my top 8 small business podcasts with you!

It’s truly an amazing thing that I can easily open up the podcast app, type in a couple of keywords and then hear from these experts for free in my earbuds as I go along with my normal day-to-day work.

Trust me, life is so much better when you are listening to podcasts than being depressed by listening to the news. I’d rather learn how to make the world better, than hear on repeat how many people are trying to F the world up. You know?

I think that we are all capable of just so so much in life, but the only way to grow is to learn how to do that.

So I focus on growth all the time, and my current fave is business and self-development podcasts. I’ve listed my faves here, in hope that maybe you find one you like and you learn some more things to help you grow too!

My 8 Favorite Small Business Podcasts

The Goal Digger Podcast


This podcast is run by Jenna Kutcher. She is a wedding photographer turned educator, and she is a marketing wizard. She podcasts about all things business for us small business owners and has this knack to make you feel like you are sitting on the couch with some wine and a girl friend while she is sharing really actionable, simple and yet powerful tips. She focuses a ton on social media, email marketing and self acceptance. I listen to her regularly. She also creates awesome freebie downloads that help with growing your email list, and your social media following, as those are the two main things that turned her business into an empire. 

Mind Your Business Podcast

business and personal growth

This podcast is newer to me in the last couple weeks, but it’s great because it connects that growth as a business with growth as a person. It’s not all about the dollar bills, but what you do with your business and your life to help others etc. 

The Chalene Show

Business, life , health and balance

At first I didn’t think I was going to like this podcast, but it kept popping up recommended by other podcasts I love, and it has quickly become a favorite of mine. Chalene is a business coach and built her biz originally in the health and wellness sphere. She is no nonsense and straight to the point (one of my favorite traits in people). She covers not only business/marketing/growth etc but also health and organization and balancing life as a mom and entrepreneur. She recently just had a decluttering series that has lit a fire under me to help get rid of stuff so that it weighs my mind down less. She has another podcast called Build Your Tribe that is more based on building an email list and a tribe that loves you, which is also a great listen.

Bokeh Podcast

photography business, marketing

This is a photographer / business focused podcast put on by the owner of the editing house Photographer’s Edit. I listened to this a lot for a while as he brings on photographers and talks about business and tips on how they balance life and photography. It gets a little redundant after a while, but if you are a photographer looking to grow your photography business, it is a good one.

Creative Empire

business building for creatives

I love this as it’s aimed at highlighting creative businesses and business strategies for the creative business where we are all basically selling who we are as we are mostly service based kinds of business. This podcast is another that feels like you are just hanging out with your girlfriends having a chat fest.

Online Marketing Made Easy

marketing tips / strategy /online businesses

Amy Porterfield is an expert on online business building. Selling courses and how to grow an online specific business. She has great insights and also keeps up to date on the things that are ever changing, so it’s also a great one to tune into. I like her approach as she knows that her listeners are mostly small business owners who may be just starting out, or a company of one, but wants to learn how to grow to be bigger.

Profit. Power. Pursuit.

creative business building

Tara Gentile and Creative Live put together this podcast and they bring on a slew of great guest speakers to go over building a creative business and helps focus on all the logistical things that a lot of creatives tend to look over. It has a great message of building a business so that you can build the life you want as it’s not just about making the $$.

Marketing Over Coffee

whats new in marketing trends

This is one of the first marketing podcasts I started listening to. It’s aimed more at the big deal marketers who are in marketing departments for bigger businesses, so much of it is not exactly actionable for my little 1 person business, but they do a lot of forecasting on what Google is doing next, what the algorithm changes may mean for business and also neat apps and tools for tracking things that I would never have found on my own.

So there you have it. My top 8 podcasts that I cycle through.  I listen to these 8 shows more than anything else I do. When I walk the dog, when I’m editing photos, putting away laundry, and in the car. I keep a notebook handy for when something really hits home and I want to make sure not to forget it, or want to look into implementing it!

I’d love to hear what your favorite podcasts are! Share with me in the comments below! 


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