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The Wedding Incubator

Ruth is a friend who’ve I’ve known for years in the wedding industry. She has this amazing invitation company called Paper Fling and she is an amazing businesswoman. This last year, she decided that she wanted to expand a bit and start offering coaching services and online classes to those who are newly getting into the wedding industry.

She knew the growing pains that she went through from sales, marketing, organization, leads, cash flow and more as she grew her Paper Fling business and wanted to share her knowledge to help those who are new to the industry to avoid many of the hiccups that are common as a wedding business, and this is the Wedding Incubator.

She had her new site and had been using generic stock images that were working okay, but she really wanted to collaborate and create some images that speak more to her clientele. And while she could show a bunch of images from weddings, the real reality of being a business owner in the wedding industry is different than the finished product, so she wanted to show that day to day reality we wedding vendors see when not client facing.


We created a  portfolio of images showing the home office, making lists about client’s needs, researching blogs and sites on the laptop, editing photos and so many more of those behind the scenes visuals that honestly take up a lot of a wedding professionals day to day.

In the planning meeting we discussed needing:

  • updated headshots
  • working images
  • desktops and behind the scenes of what a working wedding professional does on a day to day basis
  • Images to use w/ text overlays for blog posts and Instagram
  • Photos of Ruth working

So we got together and created images she could use on her website and blog, class info and Instagram. Images that would relate to the reality her clients see every day, and images that would work for all those purposes. We also created a new headshot for Ruth so that her students could see who she is.

Here are some highlights of the branding images we got from her branding photo shoot.

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