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7 Ways to Create Visual Content That Connects

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7 ways to create content that connects

 When you have just moments to catch one’s attention before your image is swiped past, it’s critical to have content that connects vs a pretty placeholder image.

But how do you create content that connects? How do you create photos that connect to your ideal client?

It starts with the stories you tell, the narrative you are creating your business and your brand.

The stories you tell will shape who you attract, and those stories will guide the images you share. The images and captions become the content that creates that sense of connection with your viewer.

So the first step before trying to share images that are creating a connection is to know who you are trying to connect to, and what will stop them in their tracks.

For the examples below, we are going to imagine that you are a health coach who teaches women sustainable ways to implement the Keto diet as a lifestyle vs a fad diet.

7 Ways to Create Visual Content That Connects and Attracts your Ideal Client

1. Address Their Pain Point Visually

Ways to create content that connects :  Address their pain point visually

 Use images to make them think that you are in their head.

Show them that you understand where they are and what they are feeling.

Show them that you know what they are dealing with in the image you share, and then use your caption to convey that you understand (and can help fix) their pain point even more!

To use our example, as a keto health coach, my client Keto Carole the pain point of your audience could be how hard it is to know what to cook. How you look in the cupboard and draw a blank… which usually ends up with you making food that isn’t going to help you reach your goals.

This image of you looking in the cupboard with a look on your face of frustration or confusion. Someone who struggles with this will instantly be drawn to this image and want to learn what you have to say about the problem.

Ensure you have a CTA (call to action) at the end of the caption asking them a question or giving them a free resource to check out to then create the engagement through comments that all social media platforms love to see.

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2- Show Their Aspirations

Ways to create content that connects :  Show their asperations

 Know your ideal clients asperations and goals.

Know what they want to achieve and you can speak straight to those goals.

Show them what is possible.

Create an image that makes them think “I can do that” or “that’s not that hard.”

For our Keto example, this image shows what easy food choices you can make that will keep you on your Keto journey.

Instead of showing a complex meal, you are showing them the simple foods they can have that will be easy and they will know that they can do that too!

Most assume aspirational images have to be a full lifestyle or destination-based, but they don’t.

Aspirational images need only to connect to the story your ideal client has in their head of what they want to achieve.

3- Use Emotions and Facial Expressions

Ways to create images that connect :  Show emotion and expressions

These images are my favorite. You can catch people’s attention by showing a facial expression they were not expecting.

An added bonus when you plan ahead like the image above where we left space for text that you are drawing attention to.

Using empty space to the left of her opens this image to many graphics and ads as well as social media posts.

If you saw this post on social, wouldn’t you wonder what she was thinking and want to read more?

You can use any amount of emotional expressions to stop people from scrolling past. The expression creates interest, and your caption draws them in.

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4- Share your Personality

Ways to create content that connects :  Share your personality

All marketing is about attracting and repelling.

You need to make a bold stand to connect with the people who see the world as you do. It will also fully turn away the people who don’t see the world as you do.

And you know what? That’s okay.

Actually, it’s the goal!

Now, just by seeing this image, you know that she has a sense of humor. You know she will look to see the lighter side of things. If you are a buttoned-up, straight forward and no-nonsense person, this image is going to have you looking the other way.

But that is the entire point! That is why showing your personality is gold in your marketing. You won’t end up with stiff and boring clients when you put images like this out in the world!

5 – Share your Process

Ways to create content that connects :  Share your process

Everyone loves to know the behind the scenes of other people’s lives and businesses. Why do you think reality TV is so popular?

Therefore, showing your process and lifting back the curtain can be so beneficial. It lets people imagine what it will actually be like to work with you.

The less guesswork they have, the more likely they are to connect with your content and want to work with you.

Now, this Keto coach – Keto Carole works with clients all over the world. She has a membership site where people can call in weekly and learn from her and stay on track with their goals. By showing this image, it lets a potential client know it’s like on the inside before they are on the inside.

It creates a desire to be on the inside, and they will be more likely to buy!

6- Share your #favoritethings

Ways to create images that connect :  Share your favorite things

We are all human. So, when we find something to connect with someone about, we end up liking them more and trusting them more.

So when you show your personality and share your favorite things, it gives people other ways to connect with you that are apart from what you sell.

For example, Keto Carole has two cats and they are always with her when she’s working. They are there when she’s on her calls and they are a major part of her life. So we share in these images how her cats are always around.

If you are a cat person and you also love always having your cats around. You instantly will like and trust Carole more than if all she did was talk about what foods to eat and what foods to avoid.

7- Share your Inspiration

What makes you do what you do? What drives you to be in the business you are in?

Above all, when you share that passion and share what inspires you, it gives another chance to create connections through your images.

For example, one of the things that Carole loves about her business is that she is able to help people all over the world. She isn’t location-dependent and neither are her students.

She keeps a map next to her desk with pins in it showing all the places that her students reside.

By showing the image like this vs showing the actual map we create a bit of intrigue. You see that she is pinning something but you don’t know what.

You may just be curious enough to stop and see what the caption says that will explain what she is doing and why.

By sharing these things that light you up and make you love what you do, is a great type of content that connects

How can you look at your business through the lens of creating visual stories?

As a recap, here are the 7 ways to create content that connects

  • Address their pain point visually
  • Show their aspirations
  • Use emotions and facial expressions
  • Share your personality
  • Show your process
  • Share your #favoritethings
  • Reveal your inspiration

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