Social Media Content Ideas for Fall

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Social Media Content Ideas for Fall

The pumpkins are out and the trees are changing colors, it is officially falling. Or if you are in the Seattle area, the winds have come and now those colorful leaves are all on the streets 😆

Social Media Content Ideas for Fall

The change of the season is a great topic for social media content ideas. The change in seasons is happening everywhere and we are all looking forward to the holidays ahead.

Use the fall season as a topic for your social media content!

Remember to ask engaging and yet simple questions to get people commenting back. Then the algorithm will show your post to more people which will encourage more comments. Make the questions simple and irresistible!

Questions to ask before you schedule your fall social media content.

  • What holidays coming up does your audience care about or correlate with your business?
  • Do you want to tie any sales or promotions to any holidays?
  • What type of graphics do you need to make for your social media content to make everything look cohesive?
  • Are there any specific problems or emotions your audience will be dealing with or reacting to that you can help with your content? A good example is overeating for a fitness business.
  • Think outside of the box, as if people don’t expect this type of content from you, they will notice it more!

Fall Topic Ideas for your Social Media Calendar

  • Start of the last 90 days of the year (beginning of Q4) and what your business goals are for the rest of the year
  • What your environment looks like outside during this time of year. What you love/hate about it and ask your audience what their favorite aspect of fall is.
  • How your city changes and what you think of the change to the cooler season
  • Share fall trend report that relates to your industry
  • Tip on what changes for your customers in the new season (ie: do you offer fall specific promotions, or do your clients worry about anything specific in the fall?
  • Fall holiday tips and tricks related to your business
  • Your favorite fall recipes/drinks
  • Goal setting for the end of the year. Ask what goals your audience is working towards
  • Holiday ramp up plans
  • Share humorous posts. Poke fun at how the Christmas decor is already out, or how you went all out for your Halloween costume
  • What are your autumn essentials? Ask for tips on your audience’s favorites
  • Share a trick on how you stay healthy in cold season
  • Update your graphics to fall themes. Think leaves, pumpkins, pine cones, oranges, yellows, and reds. Use Canva to make this easy!
  • Schedule mentions of a couple of funny national holidays coming up for November and December
  • Share behind the scenes of you at holiday events. Remember people love connecting with you!

Remember that fall is a busy season for most, but also a season where people are looking to connect as humans and also look for inspiration! Be that inspiration to your audience and provide good content, and they will love you for it… and remember you when it’s time to buy!

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