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Who needs a personal brand? Learn what companies should intentionally be cultivating a personal brand to attract dream clients.

I get questions in my DM’s asking about personal branding and if it’s really that important all the time.

There always seems to be a little bit of confusion about what a personal brand really is, and that is why I wrote an article last week called What is a Personal Brand?


If you are scratching your head still about what a personal brand is, I would jump to that article and read it really quick before you read this.

Cuz this week is all about figuring out if YOU need to build a personal brand to have a successful online business.

And the  short and sweet of it is…..

If you have a business where who you are and how you serve matters to how your clients get results, then you ALREADY ARE a personal brand.

It’s not that you SHOULD be a personal brand, it’s that you ALREADY ARE a one!

When your business is based on you, and the service or education your provide, WHO you are is pivotal in who you attract, who you can help, and how much impact you have.

business coach doing a Facebook LIVE talking to her audience building authority.

You should cultivate your personal brand if you are a:

  • Coach
  • Consultant
  • Online Service Provider (graphic designer, copywriter, FB ads manager, etc)
  • Course Creator
  • Online Expert
  • Thought Leader
Intentionally build your personal brand with this free 8 step checklist.

Who you are and how you approach your business is huge to the success your clients or students get.

People connect with YOU and how you can help them. 

They are not buying a watch or a blanket. Those types of businesses don’t need to be a personal brand.

When you are selling your expertise, your knowledge, your creative service. You will be connecting with your client, and so you need to attract who will do the best with your approach.

You may be struggling with the realization that you already are a personal brand, whether you do anything to cultivate it or not. 

The thing is, your it can be cultivated to attract those dream clients that you’d love to have more of.

Or it can be out there, mismatched, lack of direction, voice or personality and be constantly confusing your clients.

This is what gets you all those inquiries that care oh so much about the price, and nothing else.

And let’s be real. No one likes those inquiries. They don’t make you feel good.

But it is amazing to get those inquiries that say “I can’t wait to work with you, I know you are the perfect fit!” 

Those inquiries are possible for you too!

How you get those amazing dream clients you want is by intentionally building your personal brand.

You have to put enough out there about WHO you are, add your voice and personality to your messaging.

Website showing photos of the owner so that viewers connect with who they will be hiring

Share photos of YOU so that people can build a human connection to you.

 This is how you get those awesome emails where people are already excited to work with you… even when you have never heard from them before.

This is what building a personal brand does for you.

It attracts those dream clients. The people who are perfect for your services and are already super eager to hire you.

And you can do this in your business, with a bit of intention.

It’s a myth to think you have to have a big following or to have big successes before you think about your personal brand. This is a false narrative.

An intentional brand will bring that following.

It will help build that success! 

Because when you intentionally build your brand, you are letting people know who you are, what you are an expert in, and HOW you can help them fix their problem.

So, yes. If you are a coach or online expert or online service provider, then yes friend.

It’s time to cultivate your brand!

I have a completely free checklist for you to see the 8 steps that you should work on and be intentional about building your personal brand.

Intentionally build your personal brand with this free 8 step checklist.

Grab it here, and start thinking about how you can cultivate your personal brand and start to attract those crazy amazing clients you love to serve!

IF you need some inspiration for some killer personal brand examples, here you go!

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