Simple Tricks to Create Photos That Have an Impact

You know when an image stops you in your tracks and makes an impact right?

It probably happens on Instagram regularly.

But do you understand what it is about that image that makes you stop to take a longer look?

Follow these simple tricks make your photos have a stronger impact!


Create a Consistent Look

People will start to recognize when photos have a specific look, but only if you always have that look. You want someone to think of you before they even realize it’s a photo from your feed.

And to do that correctly, you need to have consistent editing. Pick a preset or a filter and stick to it. Shoot in the same type of light too!

While I don’t suggest using Instagram filters because you can’t be consistent and look different when you are using use the same packaged filtered look that billions of others are also using right?

If you don’t want to deal with the added effort of importing your photos to your computer and using a software like Lightroom, there are lots of amazing options of photo editing apps on your phone for a couple dollars investment.

Popular ones are VSCO, Afterlight, Filmborn and more. Apps like  these have specific presets built in as well as ones you can buy. Find one that looks good with the type of images you post and stick to that preset only.

This will make your feed look fluid and the tones will match nicely. And if people follow you enough, they will eventually be able to recognize your photo at a glance.


Keep it Simple

The key to a good photo is that the focus of the viewer goes directly to what you want them to see, and not get lost on the way.

Keep your background and surroundings simple. A simple wall in the background is perfect. You only want items in the photo if they help tell the story you want to convey.

Remove all else.

This works wonders for product photos or photos of people.

Keep it simple. Keep it simple, Keep it simple.


Style in odd numbers

For photos of things, keep the numbers of the items 1 or 3.

Our eyes are drawn to design and things designed with odd numbers tend to catch the eye more.

Bonus: If you crop into one side of something, (like the plate to the left)  then make sure you crop into at least 2 sides of it. Otherwise, it looks like a mistake!

Watch your horizon line.

Your horizon line (where the land meets the sea) is an important part of your image that most amateurs  overlook, but it conveys a lack of attention to detail if your horizon line is not straight. And it also makes folks feel like they are falling a bit while looking at the image.

Professional photographers pay close attention to how an image is framed including horizon lines and angles, so train your eye to notice it too, and you’ll be a step ahead!

See the photo above. The first photo is squared up wit the floor looking straight, and the second photo make it look like the bar is falling over.  If you take just a short minute to make sure your horizon lines are straight, your photos will be better!

There you go! Follow these simple tricks to create a more impactful image!

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