That algorithm though...

You know photos are important, but not at the point in your biz to be hiring someone just yet? 

It’s another day and you find yourself scrolling through your phone looking for a good photo to share on Instagram. Because, to beat that algorithm you’ve got to be sharing right??  

But as you scroll through your photos, it’s the same as yesterday.
None of the photos look the way you want. 

Gah, how much time are you gonna waste trying to find something again? This is so not the best use of your time! But marketing is how the money comes in, and Instagram is required these days right?

You scroll and scroll on your camera roll not finding what you want. You decide to take some more photos, but they just never look like all those bright and wonderful ones you see on your feed ... 

At this point it feels like you need to know some major voodoo magic to get these photos looking good and uploaded so you can move on to do what you really want to be doing today.

What would it be like if you knew how to make your smartphone  pics impress?

 Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had tools in your belt to take better photos? 

Then you wouldn’t have to groan every single time you needed another post. (ahem tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after….) 

Well, I’ve got something for you!

I’ve created an online course that will walk you through step by step so that you can create the images that elevate your brand.

This smartphone based course teaches you all the ways your smartphone can help you grow in your business and it's launching in February 2020! 

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