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Small Business Branding Photo Shoot Spotlight

Sholdt Design

Sholdt is a Seattle based Jeweler with deep roots.

Kalee Sholdt runs the company her great grandad started back in 1935.

“My dad would tell me stories from his childhood,” says Kalee, “of watching Great Granddad taking sips off of a glass of Old Rocking Chair Whiskey. I doubt Milton ever envisioned the business going this far.”



Milton’s original safe, with the words “Milton H. Sholdt” hand-painted in gilded lettering, still stands in the shop today. Inside of the safe’s heavy door lies a smaller combination lock-box that hasn’t been opened in 60 years.



“I have no idea what’s in there,” says Kalee. “Somewhere along the way the combination got lost. We can’t get into it without ruining the safe, so everyone just let it be. Why spoil the mystery now? It’s a part of my family’s story.”

“Working with Becca was incredibly refreshing! Being that Sholdt has been a family owned and operated business here in Seattle since 1935 she really made me realize how important it was for my new website to tell a story. With the images she took, she definitely created a way for me to help show the world our beautiful jewelry and how it’s made. We had an absolute blast over the three sessions that she came to take pics. Even popped some bottles! Thank you Becca!”
— Kalee of Sholdt Design


Today the Sholdt name is know and respected all over Seattle and the US, so when Kalee and I started talking about her branding photos as she was looking at doing a complete update of her website, I knew we had to do a better job of representing the history of her family owned business as well as it’s connection to Seattle, and her trusty shop dog Pearl, as she is a staple of the shop.

Even today, the showroom and magic where it all happens is run out of an old tasting room in the iconic Seattle old Rainier Brewery.

You walk in and see photos of the history of her family and what it means to Kalee to be running a family business.

It’s not just about jewelry, it’s about the people.

Helping create heirlooms and being your family jeweler.

Her show room not only has breathtaking rings, but also includes the signs of her family history.

Her great grand dad’s old safe sits in the show room.

An old family photo sitting on top, where she is the toddler in arms sitting next to her recent wedding photo, where her son is the toddler who will likely be taking over the business for the next generation. And her grandma’s vintage couch in the client waiting area.

In the shop, there is a large cabinet holding all the years and years of old cases from designs of years passed.

Our goal for Sholdt  was to really get to know all parts of the company and find a way to visually show them.

From the details of the jewelers creating and finishing the rings, including the details of the tools and seeing some of the older tools next to the new high tech ones in the shop.

For this small business branding shoot:

We created content not only for her website, but to add to her social media feed to showcase more of the companies history and not just focus on the rings themselves.

We photographed the space to really showcase where she is at the old Rainier Factory and to give a glimpse of what the experience would be to design your own jewelry at Sholdt. And we showed her working with clients to find the perfect ring.

Our goal with our shoot was for storytelling, really showing the depth of this brand as well as give  images for their new website and social media content.

We finished with final image delivery for her to use the images to promote and market her company and included a marketing video to help tell the story as well.

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