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How to Create Impactful Photos

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You'll find practical tips to learn how to grow your creative business shared weekly among wedding and branding shoots as well.



How to identify your ideal client so that you can grow your business with your marketing efforts.

How can you grow your business during the holidays? Especially if you are not a product based business? Charitable giving is the perfect way to promote your business that also helps people in need and makes your business a conversation starter

in 2018 all markets are saturated, and all businesses need to wow their clients to be profitable. Listed here are 5 reasons your creative company is forgettable and how to change that bringing more profit to your business.

There are so many ways to get our message out, but if you look like ALL the rest of the competition then your message will be lost in the white noise unless you find a way to STAND OUT.

If you’ve read any amount of marketing info, you’ve heard the premise of being a …

When every time you open your mouth, you are likely to say something unintentionally funny… that’s my life, and here is my 3rd installment of “Words Done Becca Style”

Social media upkeep can be a daunting task. As a solopreneaur, it’s up to you to make sure you are marketing. There is no marketing department, just a department of one, wearing all the hats. So, finding ways to make it easier to stay on top of marketing while on the go is so helpful. These apps can make your phone as useful as your computer and lets you get things done, even when you are sitting in line waiting to pick your kids up from school.


Here are my top 5 favorite apps that help streamline your marketing while on the go.

Ever been confused on how some people can take a simple iphone and create beautiful images? Well, now you can as well! Check out these on how to take professional looking photos with your iphone quickly and easily!

When photographing a wedding, I am likely to do almost anything to get a photo I think that will make my clients happy. I’ve been known to stand in the road, lean over past a railing, stand on a rickety chair and more. Honestly it doesn’t even cross my mind not to do these things […]

After photographing weddings for the past 8 years as well as having most my friends and family go through their own weddings, I’ve seen it so many times when couples put off their honeymoon for that elusive “later date.” And it’s so sad to see, when the later date is not a specific “we are […]

Featured Vendor : Bella Umbrella  – Umbrella Rental This month I’ve been sharing different inspiration for choosing a wedding theme, and I immediately thought of Bella Umbrella and how useful and amazing umbrellas can be in photos. Bella Umbrella is a local Seattle company that rents (yep, you don’t have to buy them!) beautiful vintage […]

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