How to Use Charitable Giving to Promote Your Business During the Holidays •
How to Use Charitable Giving to Promote Your Business During the Holidays

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 How to use Charitable giving to promote your business during the holidays. - Business tips, Marketing tips, Holiday tips

Looking for creative ideas your business can take advantage of the buying frenzy of the holiday season?

I recently shared How to Promote your Service Based Biz in the Holidays as well as Blog Post Ideas for the Holidays to drive traffic to your site. I love sharing ideas on how to make sure you have a successful holiday season no matter what type of business you have.

Today I wanted to touch on a way of driving business while also giving back to your community.

A great way to do good in the world as well as drive business to your door is to create a promotion for donating to charity.

Donating to charity creates a conversation starter for folks to talk about.

Who doesn’t like talking about how they are paying it forward?

Your business can easily be the thing they are talking about with a fun charitable promotion!

Find a  charity you love, and promote that you are  donating a % of sales to that charity during the holiday season.

Make sure to let your clients know if you are doing  this! People will be more inclined to spend their money with you vs the next person who isn’t giving. This is especially true if the charity is one they connect to as well.

Many times, in a sea of options, people need to have a nudge from something less expected to make a decision. This can be their gentle nudge.

The phenomenal thing about giving to charity is that everyone wins!

The charity is getting support they were not getting before.  Now, thanks to you and your clients, they can continue doing the amazing things they are doing in the world.

You get business that you may have missed out on. Your unique offer  makes your client feel good about themselves. And, let’s be real, making people feel better about themselves almost guarantees a sale.

Not only did your client get the product or service that they wanted; but they also know that a portion of their money is helping others.

People who do things that make them look/feel good usually talk about it. Your business and the charity will be conversation starters all season long.

The awesome thing about giving to charity, is that it doesn’t have to be a holiday thing.

You can give X amount of sales to charity all year long. You may just become known for it!

Not sure if that works? Ever heard of the shoe brand Toms?

People know them for their philanthropy and their One for One Campaign.

Wondering what charities you could donate to?

I like the lesser known charities, and here are some options of those, but a good ol’ fashioned Google search will also work.


Charity Water

Facilitates access to safe water and sanitation for people in need.

Save the Children

Helps the children in need during national emergencies like Hurricane Michael

Micro Loans

Provide micro loans to people in third world countries allowing them the ability to start a business and change their lives.


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