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I’ve been waiting to hear when an article I wrote about how to look (and feel!) amazing in your wedding photos was going to be published on Offbeat Bride, and now it’s up! The article is all about how to look and fell amazing in your wedding photos.
I love being able to share some of the wedding insights I have learned over the years with my blog readers. It’s not just about photography, but about how you can make your wedding a funner experience for you and your guests. About making the day memorable, and tips from someone who’s been at well over 200+ weddings in my career.

So, I’m so stoked that Offbeat Bride, which is a publication I wholeheartedly adore, decided to publish an article I had written on tips to looking amazing in photos.

99.9% of my clients, and people getting married in general don’t know what to do when they have a big honkin’ camera pointed in their face. It’s natural to double guess what you are doing and how you are looking, but with these super simple tips on how to hold your body and to trust your photographer, you’ll easily look and feel amazing in your photos!

Check out the full article here : How to look and feel amazing in your wedding photos

and if you like the article, do me a favor and share it as I will be forever appreciative! how to look amazing in photos article on Offbeat Bride


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