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I’ve been wanting to change up my approach recently when it comes to creating free resources for the great folks like you who visit my blog. When I transitioned from mainly wedding photography, to branding photography I wanted to blog about more in-depth ideas than I had as a wedding photographer. I wanted to help entrepreneurs understand […]

Announcing our business rebrand from Rebecca Ellison Photography to Weddings – Branding Photography – Education In 2019 I am excited for growth and change in my business! In addition to wedding photography and branding photography, I have added a shop and a course to help creatives build their businesses!  COME VISIT THE REBECCA ELLISON CREATIVE […]

Just what does Awk and Shaw mean Becca?

As a photographer I am always looking to capture people in their best light. Knowing how to pose them and how to make them laugh and how to create an image of themselves that they will really love. That’s the clincher really… creating an image that people like of themselves. You see, we are all […]

I was born in Seattle, but spent the ages from 1 through 13 in Tucson AZ. I’ve now lived in Seattle longer than I ever lived in Tucson, but I still consider Tucson to be home to me. And that’s only because my best friend in the whole world lives there. And where ever she […]

Linc turned 4 in April, and is growing so fast everyday. My life pretty much consists of playing super hero, hearing the words “but I’m hungry”, hearing the giggles of Linc and Scarlett laughing together and being amazed at the sheer awesomeness that I feel whenever I look at my kids. When I’m not documenting […]

My mom turned 67 this year, and we always like to do something fun for her birthday. Usually my dad plans a dinner out for all of us, and that was the plan for this year as well. That is until my sister and I went to Get Hitched Give Hope and bid on the […]

It’s amazing how fast a year passes, and also just how much can happen in a year. The first photo below of my precocious 2.5 year old son Lincoln holding on to my abundantly pregnant belly was taken exactly a year ago today. A day where I knew I would be having my daughter any […]

It was 1am and I was digging around in the storage space under the stairs in my office. Using the little flash light on my iphone, I was searching for a box of shipping envelopes. Yep, 1am and I’m searching dark spaces for shipping envelopes. It’s the story of the work at home mom… anyhow, […]

I never dreamed I’d have been in business for 10 years by the time I was 31. And while the industry and the face of imagery and photography have shifted much since I began, I am still here capturing some amazing moments for amazing people.  And it all comes down to the  people who trust […]

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