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Linc turned 4 in April, and is growing so fast everyday.

My life pretty much consists of playing super hero, hearing the words “but I’m hungry”, hearing the giggles of Linc and Scarlett laughing together and being amazed at the sheer awesomeness that I feel whenever I look at my kids.

When I’m not documenting the monumental milestones of my clients lives, I am feverishly trying to keep up with my kids and be present in the moment, as the moment’s pass by so quickly. With the never ending distractions of life today, it can be hard to just sit back and watch. Observe, learn and remember all the little things that happen that make up day to day life, and make it so special.

While we struggle with the daily push and pull that is life with a 4 year old and a (sassy) 16 month old in the house, I find myself sitting and looking at my babies (when they are sleeping, because they never stop long enough when awake) trying to soak up the moments of today before they are forgotten.

Some of my favorite moments with Linc as of late:

Driving home from preschool after the holiday party, and it was dark outside. Linc asked why (which is his all time favorite question in the world), and I explained that the earth is round like a ball, and the sun shines on one side, and the other side is in shadow…so we were in the shadow time which is night time. You skipped over my explanation of light and shadow to wonder about the earth being a ball.

Does it bounce he asks?

An SWV song came on while we were in the car, and I started singing it like my 14 year old self would have. I look at Pete and say “that’s my jam yo” jokingly.
Linc responds “no that’s your peanut butter”

His insistence on making everything into art. Any piece of trash found anywhere is instantly saved to his pocket to make art out of in the future. This goes along with his absolute love of tape. If there is ever a shortage of tape in this world, it would be Linc’s doing.

His love of his sister. He’s such an empathic kid, and is always there to play and help Scarlett out.

His love of dancing, no matter who is around

He’s starting to be able to play solo, entertaining himself with his own stories and games (which for me is a sanity saver at times)!

How he has to roll down the window to talk to the coffee girls at the drive thru coffee shop we frequent. And how he is always letting them know his name is “Lincolnkeenellison”… he tells them everytime, but is consistantly shocked when they say “hi Linc”.

There is a book Have You Filled a Bucket Today? about making people feel good in which they use the analogy that everyone has an invisible bucket, and if you are nice to people, you help fill their buckets , and if you are mean or rude you dip into their buckets. He’s constantly telling us how he wants to do x because he knows it will fill so and so’s bucket. As well as telling us just what fills his bucket as well! (Best book ever !)

So, happy birthday my charismatic, energetic, empathetic, curious, beautiful Linc.  We love you oh so much!


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