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Announcing our business rebrand from Rebecca Ellison Photography to

small business branding photographer

Weddings – Branding Photography – Education

In 2019 I am excited for growth and change in my business!

In addition to wedding photography and branding photography, I have added a shop and a course to help creatives build their businesses!


I’ve received questions for years about how I’ve grown my business and what tools I’ve used.  This is why I started blogging about business and marketing in the first place, and now I’m launching my shop. Full of stock image packs and templates for growing a business.

As we launch, we have 6 themed stock image packs and templates for email inquiries as well as questionnaires for wedding photographers.

As 2019 moves forward, the shop will grow to include more templates for all types of creative businesses as well!

Check out the shop and for the first 72 hours, enjoy a 35%. Just enter your email below for  the discount code!

[convertkit form=814552]

shop now : 

Also announcing our new course launching early 2019!!!

iPhone Photography Field Guide for Creatives

A step by step guide to understanding how to use your iPhone to create compelling images for your creative business.

Join the waitlist for the iPhone Photography Field Guide course right here!


And a bit about the brand relaunch itself!

I’ve taken a winding road the past 15 years in my business. And, I am most excited about what 2019 brings!

I’ve been in business as a professional photographer for 13 years. Starting out in 2005  in the commercial/advertising/editorial side of the photography industry.

I ended up falling in love, quite unexpectedly with weddings. The ability to capture these epic stories for my clients and helping create portraits of themselves that they truly loved really resonated. I stopped pursuing the commercial photography industry and jumped in with 2 feet to capturing weddings in 2007.

When I got my degree in commercial photography… they taught everything you could imagine about lighting and photography. The school completely overlooked any and all aspects of, I don’t know… creating a business???

I shake my head at it now, but then I didn’t realize that I was being set out into the world ready to fail.

The thing is I am not very good at failing. When I decide I want something, I put my head down and work. I learn what I need to be able to get what I am after.

After some months after I put up my wedding website, I was getting no inquiries. I realized that I can’t just put a website up and expect people to know I am there but I didn’t know how to do that. So I went to Barnes and Noble and looked for any books I could find about business and marketing.

I didn’t know it then, but this started an avid thirst in me for learning how to create the best business I could create for myself and my family.

12 years later, I still photograph weddings and my business has grown into branding photography as well. In 2019, I’m adding an online course to the offerings so that you can learn how to create your own epic photos for your creative business!

I’ve had   my wedding and branding photography offerings on separate websites to keep them separate. With my addition of this digital course, I  decided to bring it all back under my name where it all started. And to rename to Rebecca Ellison Creative, allowing me the ability to pivot my business to more than just photography 🙂

Brand Your Small Business where I’ve shared branding marketing and photography tips for the past two years will now forward to Rebecca Ellison Creative.

Rest assured all the valuable posts and content are now found here on my blog > 

Come and take a look around.  I can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

Rebecca Ellison Creative

Rebecca Ellison Creative - Wedding- Branding - Photography

If you’d like to hear about the iPhone Photography Field Guide for Creatives when it launches soon, come here and sign up! You’ll get extra bonuses for signing up pre-launch!

And don’t forget your 35% discount code for The Rebecca Ellison Creative Shop  by signing up here:

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