Top 5 motivational podcasts for business in 2019
My Top 5 Inspirational and Business Podcasts to Grow My Business

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Do you listen to business podcasts? It’s the easiest way to grow your business, without a price tag

top 5 business podcasts to grow your creative business

My goal for you is that 2019 is the year of growth in your business.

The year to take your business to the next level, and we do that by reaching out of our comfort zone and into someplace new.

Because new and uncomfortable is where growth is, and that is where business will flourish.

I’m in my car a lot these days. A lot more than I’ve ever been because we bought a house 30 miles from where the majority of my business is. Which means podcasts are my new obsession. It’s astonishing the amount of free resources from experts that are at our fingertips in the podcast app.

I’ve learned more about business ideas and creating a mindset that promotes learning via podcasts. Using my hours commuting for good instead of waste!

Now I challenge you to think about this.

How do you prime your mind for growth and learning?  What do you intentionally do to make yourself better and learn new tactics?

If you don’t have a favorite podcast or haven’t jumped on the podcast listening bandwagon yet, now is the time.

Make listening to podcasts a goal for 2019, and here is where to start.

My Favorite Inspirational and Educational Podcasts


The Rise Podcast with Rachel Hollis

Rachel Hollis has been a gal I’ve enjoyed watching and learning from. Her biz has exploded in the last 18 months (after 15 years of hard work). She started as a wedding planner. Then turned into a lifestyle blogger.  Then transitioned to author.  Now she has made a name for herself in the inspirational speaker world. Her podcast is full of amazing and tactical ideas for business growth.  More importantly, she coaches you in  creating a mindset that will help you not hinder you.

She’s one of my favorites! To add to the fun, she does a Facebook and Instagram Live “show” from 8:00-8:30 central time every morning. She and her husband talk about an assortment of things, but it always comes back to helping you get out of n way and really growing as a human. Check her out! You won’t be disappointed.



Ed Mylett Show

This one took me a couple tries to get into. Mostly because I really don’t like his intro…  But once you get past the creepy voice (listen and you’ll know), Ed Mylett is very inspirational. He brings on people to talk about where they’ve gone in life and how they’ve succeeded even with major hurdles. He is a major inspirational speaker and talks about mindset a ton. I learned about him via the Rise Podcast, and like to have it on in the background while editing. His episode “Unlocking Your Success Code” talks alot about how you have an internal temperature for success, and your subconscious will always reset to what you perceive you are worth. You can’t change the level of success you achieve without adjusting to the level you believe you succeed. While it can sound a little woo woo, he talks a lot about how the brain works, and how your subconscious works and why you unknowingly will sabotage yourself or help yourself grow unless you believe yourself worthy of that growth.  If you are interested in mindset and growth I highly recommend this episode


Influencer Podcast

Julie Solomon runs the Influencer podcast and is a great educational resource. She focuses on influencer marketing and bloggers, which means she talks about Instagram alot. She has great tactical ideas of how to pitch yourself to brands and she has a lot of great business insights. This is one I keep a notebook nearby for.


Online Marketing Made Easy

This podcast also is less about motivation and mindset, and more about tactics to grow your business. Amy Porterfield has huge names and small names and always has amazing insights. From big to little changes you can make in your business to help you grow larger. At the end of the day, with the saturation out there in ALL fields, marketing is a major and important component to growing your business. Amy Porterfield gives you action items to show you how to get in front of the people who love you. It’s a must listen.


Storybrand Podcast

The Storybrand Podcast by Donald Miller is a favorite because he dives deep into how people care, learn and remember by hearing stories. That the only time people don’t start daydreaming is when they invest in hearing a story.

If you think about it, the posts that stop you on Instagram are ones that share a story with you and bring you into their lives right? As business owners, if we share stories more, we relate more. The more I listen to this podcast the better I understand how to tell good stories. Plus it’s entertaining!

BONUS! My Favorite “just for fun” podcast:


Arm Chair Expert by Dax Sheppard

I started listening to this podcast because I wanted a break from my business podcasts. While I obviously love thinking and learning business tactics, there are times when you just want to check out and be entertained right? So, that’s what brought me to this podcast, but it’s so much more than entertainment. Dax Sheppard does an amazing job of having deep and interesting conversations with super famous people. It gets past the promotions of what the famous person usually talks about and into who they are and you see them as people. Don’t get me wrong, this podcast is really really funny, but it’s also deeper than expected and one of my favorites to check out too. This is my go-to podcast for inspiration for conversations in my own life 🙂

There you go, my go to favorite podcasts that are on a constant stream through my car bluetooth system. My kids don’t even realize the business education they are getting at such a young age!

Now tell me, what Podcasts do you love. Share what you’ve fallen in love with and why in the comments below and I’ll add it to my list!

Another podcast faves post are here if you want more greatness to listen to!

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