3 ways to add personality to your marketing
3 Easy Ways to Add Personality to Your Marketing

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Have you ever wondered if you’d be able to have as much personality in your marketing as other businesses you admire?

3 easy ways to add personality to your marketing

When I first started writing content for my business, I wrote as if I was afraid of getting a bad grade from my high school English teacher. 

Which is funny, because I don’t remember caring much about her opinion when I was actually in high school.

I wrote that way because I thought it made me sound more “professional.” It was super formal and, well, to be honest, completely not me.

3 easy ways to add personality to your marketing

It took a good friend to tell me that I needed to change it up because it sounded so corporate and stale. And I was writing about wedding tips. Which is the least corporate or stale topic you could imagine lol.

At that time, I had no knowledge or understanding of messaging or adding personality to my business. I was still trying to look and sound like everyone else.

If you’ve been around here for any amount of time, you know that one of the things I talk a lot about is not doing that. Looking and sounding like your competitors is like a nail in the coffin of attracting clients to your business.

But how exactly do you add personality to your marketing? How do you make it less stale or scripted, and more like you?

If you’re drawing a blank, don’t worry you are not alone.

It’s common place to just go through the motions of marketing your biz.

But if you aren’t adding your personality to your marketing. And more of YOU to your biz… then it’s no wonder no one is stopping to pay attention.

And it’s time to change that. Stat

3 easy ways to add personality in your marketing

1- Photos of you that are candid and natural.

I see a lot of push back from people about showing photos of themselves on their websites. It feels overwhelming and it feels to you, the biz owner, that you are making it all about yourself.

personality in your marketing

But the opposite actually happens when you step out of your comfort zone and share more photos of you in your business.

It makes you feel more human to your audience. More relatable. The key is to recognize that you are using your face as part of your attraction system. But the content and messaging always needs to be focused on your clientele, and not you. 

People want to see and get a feel for who they are going to hire. They want to be able to put you into a category of “like me” or “not like me.” And people are visual. This would naturally happen if they were standing in front of you having a conversation. But it doesn’t naturally happen in the online space. So you have to cultivate it. Create that feeling by showing photos of yourself through your business.

Share your personality.

Show behind the scenes.

then show them alongside, telling them what they can expect. 

Always, show emotion. Laugh. Be YOU. Unapologetically! It grabs attention and makes people stop to take a look around!

And makes you look completely different than your competitors.

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2- Your messaging

Your messaging is all the words you use in your business. It’s what you talk about, it’s what your expertise is. It’s who you are talking to and how they like to be talked to. 

The key is to type like you talk.

Do you ever wonder how people add personality to their marketing? Here are three ways to do so today.

Keep it casual and relaxed in your copy. Keep it you. 

You aren’t writing for your English teacher, so throw the “perfect English” out the door and be relatable in your copy. Keep it interesting and people get a feel for who you are through the way you write for your biz.

This is something that takes practice. The more you do it the better you become. If you struggle with how to write like you talk, then try to record yourself via talk to text. Watch the flow and see how your spoken words translate onto the page.

3 – Tell stories

You know that time you did that super stupid thing and it made for a funny story. You may think you don’t want to share it (because we are profesh you know…). But if you can tie that story into a lesson you learned, or it’s something that your audience will relate to then it’s a story you should share. As humans, we are hardwired to pay attention when a story is being told… and it helps us connect. So tell those stories. Seeing how you tell it and what you did in that moment tells your audience what you are like.

This brings personality to the forefront of your marketing. And it helps make your point more memorable. Like at the top of the post, I told a story about how I used to be super cut and dry and almost sterile in my blog posts and how my friend called me out on it. That is the perfect type of story to have in your back pocket to lead people into your fold.

When you share your stories, it adds personality to your marketing… that’s how you build your personal brand, friend.

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