4 best business courses i've taken online
4 Best Business Courses I’ve Taken Online

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4 best business courses I've taken online

What are the best business courses online? Well, there are a plethora of them, but here are the 4 best business courses that I’ve taken in the past 5 years.

Round up post of the best business courses online, that I've taken to help grow my online business.

I’ve invested in education from entrepreneurs I look up to. Those who are experts in their niche so that I could learn the best options in the shortest time.

I’ve always been one to invest in the knowledge of others. Those who can hold my hand and lead me through the noise to the results I am looking for.

Building an online business that is automated on the outside means that there are a ton of moving parts on the backside. This means the learning curve can be steep! And to help you, I created this roundup of the best business courses that I’ve taken online.

I’ve taken a bunch of courses and digital downloaded products. The goal always is to learn at least one thing that will help me build my business in the way I dream to.

There have been 4 specific courses that have made a huge impact in teaching me how to shape my business into the one I have today.

1 – Business Course: Copywriting for Creatives

First was @ashlynscarter with her program Copywriting for Creatives.

best business courses online roundup with Copywriting for Creatives by Ashlyn Carter of Ashlyn Writes

Before her program, I was a wedding photographer and I thought my photos would sell themselves… ha!

I had no idea the impact of good messaging and how to write copy that actually works for your business. Taking this course was so impactful. It actually changed the trajectory of my biz as I’ve grown into brand photography and then coaching. If you are a service provider or creative this is definitely one of the best business courses online!

Ashlyn is extremely relatable and simply breaks down an extremely complex subject like copywriting as well as how to effectively write copy for your website and all of your content.

When I took this course back in 2017 or so it was $597. I believe it’s now gone up to around $997. And I would say it’s still 100% worth the price, especially if you know nothing about copy to start.

Her student group has continued to be valuable as each round of students comes and participates with the alumni. Which encourages the alumni to dive back into the course work as well and continue to refine. I look for this approach with groups as it keeps everyone part of the community.

One thing I’ve learned about copy and messaging is that it is a process that is constantly refined 🙂

If I was to give this a rating from 1-10, it would be a 10 for sure!

2 – Business Course: Digital Course Academy

Then there is @amyporterfield and her program Digital Course Academy.

best business courses online roundup with Digital Course Academy review by Amy Poterfield

Amy is a master teacher. He course work is set up to strategically build your course from absolutely nothing and make it into something amazing. DCA taught me how to vet an idea with my audience to make sure I could create a course that truly helped people. She took what was a crazy overwhelming situation of not knowing what I didn’t know, to a manageable framework to help teach others within.

This was a deep dive type course and I took it with the goal of getting my course done in the time frame of the 12 weeks of the course. I found that was unrealistic as she teaches everything around the course which takes all 12 weeks, but that doesn’t include the actual creation of your own course, lol.

She has some step-by-step walkthroughs for tech setup which literally saved me hours of time and tears when setting up a webinar for the first time. I also love the email sequence setup she teaches to keep your audience engaged during a launch. This was worth SO much as well!

This course launches once a year and when I signed up in 2019, it was $3000. I think it’s the same price point today.

The student group was invaluable which I loved, but I was disappointed that the group got archived after the 12 weeks of the course. This means that it was hard to continue to learn and get feedback when you are still actively building from the course knowledge.

Each year, when she launches again, she invites alumni back into the new FB group but it’s a $500 investment just to be part of the FB group. This is my only major gripe for DCA and I would love to have seen a way to continue being alumni without having to pay every single year 🤷‍♀️.

I would give this a 8.5 out of 10 because of the lack of student support after the 12 weeks.

3 – Business Course: Business By Design

Then came @jameswedmore and his course and coaching through Business by Design.

best business courses online roundup with Business by Design review by James wedmore

This program has been amazing for my business. Systems and processes are a place I struggle with in my online business. It feels less intuitive than the photography side of my business. It can be hard to know what to spend your time on and which steps come first. This program has been instrumental as it’s where I learned how to streamline and systemize my business. Now I truly understand launching and all the insane amount of steps to be done on the backend for a seamless look on the front end. He teaches about money mindset and how to step into the role of a digital CEO.

I bought Business by Design in 2020 and it was $3000. I believe it’s the same price today.

James gives more than any other program I’ve ever been a part of. His Facebook group is an amazing resource all year long. When new students join in June of each year, alumni are invited to participate just as if they just signed up. We get access to all the epic coaching calls alongside the new students. His coaching calls and hot seats literally go on for hours. They are goldmines to see how other businesses work. The questions James asks can easily help create breakthroughs just by listening!

I give this course a 10 out of 10 hands down.

4 – Business Program: Sustainable Scaling Partnership

And most recently, I’ve learned from @madisontinder and @mycoachrachel through their Sustainable Scaling Partnership.

best business courses online round up including Sustainable Scaling Partnership with Madison Tinder and Rachel Spencer

I took this group program so that I could better understand how to create a product suite that helps my customers through every step of their journey. Through this 12-week group coaching program, they go through visibility and authority skills. And how to structure your offers to be able to launch consistently and make money grow each month vs starting from scratch month after month.

Just learning that one piece made this program crazy beneficial. I found that I also love the layout and accountability of a group coaching program. Having the calls each week allowed me to prioritize the homework and get things done quickly.

I took SSP in the spring of 2021 and paid $2700 for the 12 week program.

I give SSP a 8 out of 10 as well. The content was great. But I wish there was more community in the student group, which also closed at the end of the program.

I find that the community is a part that makes a huge difference in my experience. For both courses and group coaching programs.

This list doesn’t even include all the books I’ve read and other courses I’ve taken! These are just the best business courses online that I’ve found super valuable.

You see as an entrepreneur, it’s a game of perpetual learning.
Looking for those who are farther in the game than you are, to fast forward your progress.

Because… our only nonrenewable resource in business is time.

Who have you invested in that has helped your business grow? Comment below!

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