don't make this social media mistake
Don’t Make This Social Media Mistake

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don't make this social media mistake

I was scrolling through Instagram the other day… You know how we do…
And a gal jumped into my DM‘s that I had met on a group coaching call the week prior. We started chatting and she was absolutely delightful…
She was interested in how I could help her bring clarity to her offerings since she has been building an Instagram presence, but hasn’t really figured out how to monetize it.
I checked out her Instagram… You know… Because that’s what we do…


And I loved what she was showing. She’s in the motherhood space and is all about teaching mamas how to travel and enjoy traveling with their kids more.
I absolutely loved what she was doing… But I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what her name was. 😳
It wasn’t in her bio.🧐
It wasn’t in any of her content.😣
And it took me about five minutes searching on her website before I found it in the about me page what her actual name is.🤦‍♀️
So we hopped on a strategy call to see how I could help her and the very first thing I said was “let’s make sure people know your name“.
Because like in all other marketing… You can’t assume people know… You have to tell them… Simply, clearly, quickly.
When you’re building a personal brand and you’re using a social media platform like Instagram to create a connection. It’s so important to look from an outsider’s perspective at what you’re putting out there and then making sure even the simplest things like “what your name is”, out there and obvious.
So friend, where is your name in your business and specifically your bio?? Are people looking around liking what you’re saying but wondering what they should be calling you?
Don’t make that social media mistake! Remember. Human first. Always.

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