how to tell if you need brand coaching services
How to Tell if You Need Brand Coaching Services

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how to tell if you need brand coaching services

Do I need brand coaching services? 

I hear this question a lot when talking about brand coaching and I love it.

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Why? Because it opens the door to the understanding of what your brand is and how you as the business owner can shape it.

Brand coach

Brand strategist

Personal brand coach 

In many ways, these services are the same thing with a different name.

One of the biggest mistakes I see small businesses and especially service based businesses in the creative and online industries is that your knowledge and understanding of your brand stops at how your website looks or the colors in your branding.

The rest of the brand is just kinda passed right by as you go out and try and get clients.

This was me 1,000% back in my wedding photographer days.

I picked a cute website theme. Then had a logo designed and the designer helped me pick colors and fonts. And I was off to the races.

Except I wasn’t racing anywhere, because I looked like every other dang photographer in the area. 

Which makes sense, because I was getting “inspiration” from what they were doing. So I took that inspiration and ran with it. And ended up looking and sounding just like the other photographers in my market.

I showed pretty photos because “the photos will sell themselves” and I didn’t actually talk about the process or the experience or what they would end up getting after working with me.

personal brand coach, Rebecca Ellison

It was pictures, an about me page that talked all about my love of photography, and a price list.

Now, if you’ve ever gone to a photographer’s website, you have, I guarantee it, seen “I love photography and creating memories for my clients” on 90% of the pages. It’s like we were all clones of each other.

I looked at what others were doing  instead of looking into myself and my values and the experience I was creating.

Which is why I was on the struggle bus for entirely way too long.

And I see this with my clients all the time. And I have tons of clients that are not photographers (just in case you are wondering if this is photog specific!)

Most service businesses don’t bother, or don’t know well enough to dig deeper into the experience you are cultivating for people to have with you.

And that is why brand coaching could be so beneficial.

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You don’t need a re-brand my friend, you just need to become clearer on what your brand is and then align your messaging to it.

A beautiful website won’t get you hired in today’s market.

In 2020 alone there were 4 MILLION new businesses started. So many, they are calling this post pandemic era the startup boom.

With that many options out there…competition is fierce, and those with a solid brand are the ones that will thrive.

 So, what will brand coaching services do for you?

brand coaching services, personal brand coach rebecca ellison

When you hire a brand coach, you are hiring your new business bestie that is going to help you dive deep into yourself and your vision of your business to pull out the uniqueness, the values, and the experience that will be what builds your reputation online.

Your brand is your reputation. It’s what people think of you when thinking about hiring you for your services.

It’s what people tell others about you. So, if you haven’t figured out what you want to be known for, how do you guide that perception?

Brand coaching lets you finally work through specifics like your niche, how you are different, and most importantly how to convey this to your audience and potential clients so that it’s clear and concise and makes people say I want YOU.

The plus about brand coaching is that you have an expert guiding you through, giving you feedback, and helping you refine your message. Plus, be your accountability partner to make sure you actually get your stuff done!

Because that accountability part is KEY in today’s overly distracted, ooh shiny world.

There is quite a bit of overlap between a brand coach and a business coach as well. The biggest difference is that, as your brand coach, I help you with the deeper, more foundational work than just pricing or confidence.

free download personal branding checklist

So, before you think about re-branding (again!), I highly recommend looking into brand coaching to make sure the business you are building is actually memorable!

image of becca a personal brand coaching offering brand coaching services

If you’re interested in learning more about brand coaching services, set up a completely free discovery call with me. I can let you know how I can help you build your business into a brand that customers seek out!

You can book a complimentary discovery call here :

Or learn more about brand coaching here.

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