Personal Brand Photo Shoot w/ one of my Favorite Wedding Photographers!

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Personal branding photo shoots are the funnest because we help show who people are!

One of the super fun things about doing personal branding photos is that I’ve been able to work with some of my favorite people in the wedding industry. People I’ve worked with for years, but we’ve always worked for a mutual client instead of what I get to do now, which is helping them create branded images that really show who they are and why they are different.

This shoot was so much fun, as Barbie is one of my fave peeps 🙂 She’s one of my best friends and she is this crazy amazing photographer and is known and loved here in the wedding and events industry in town.

She wanted to work together to create awesome photos that show her spunk, her humor, her happiness and her personality that makes everyone really happier to be around.

We shot in my Capitol Hill studio as we wanted to create clean images she could use in lots of different ways in her biz and give the option of adding text to the photos easily. Gotta love that white space for making things versatile for use afterward!

We planned a bit and knew we’d have laughter, throwing balls at the camera, some champagne and also the classic images of her working at her computer, showing a little behind the scenes.

If you want to see how great this “world’s okayest photographer” (I LOVE that mug!) check her out here:

also thanks Barbie for the branding photos you see of me on this site!

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The comments +

  1. Barbie Hull says:

    BECCA!!! Thank you SO much for this shoot, I absolutely LOVE spending all of my time with you and seeing you launch this business is genius!! Being in front of the camera is hard, but you make it so fun (like you do!) and I love my images!! Thank you for the blog post / spotlight!

    • Rebecca Ellison says:

      Champagne always help the in front of camera jitters! I love you in these images and love how much your personality jumps out, because you are the BEST! xoxoxo

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