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Ahh it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. The last couple of weeks of 2009 were a doosey for me, where there were a couple of deaths in my extended family, my computer decided it was happier as a lump of metal, than a working machine (yikes!) and, of course, the crazy crazy crazy nonsense of the holidays!
It’s funny, that as I get older, the years get shorter and shorter and it is kinda freaky!

I always go through January in a bit of shock that it is already January.

Then I get used to January just in time to  gear up for a busy spring with portraits and engagement sessions, take a breath, it’s wedding season, blink, it’s fall (what?!?!? where did the summer go? I ask this every year).

Then I try and sneak in some fun summer events in fall like camping… which isn’t as fun in 40 degree rainy nights than if we had gone in July or something… but hey, that’s the business  right? Ok, so fall, I start to breathe again, find myself editing unto all hours of the night still, then find myself in pre Christmas season and working on Christmas shoots and cards… blink… .buy some presents… blink….xmas….blink…new years … blink here we are in January again!!!!!

It is ridiculous, and I loooooove it all! But it is crazy, you must admit! And, like I said, I find myself in January going … what ? January?? Where did you come from?

So, here I am again, now that my computer is gasp a working computer again! I am up and running and finally have time to blog some more. I am excited to get up a couple of recent shoots!

But first, I have to talk about the computer thing 🙂

I can not stress enough…. BACKUP EVERYTHING!!!! and I mean EVERYTHING! I thought I was okay when my computer crashed…outside of it being December 21st, working on new pricing and trying to get everything done for the next year…I thought I was good in backup-land.

Well, let me open some eyes…

Everyone hears backups are super important, and you would be silly not to backup up. which is true. The funny thing is, that there are things that you think to back up… and things that you don’t. I am a bit ridiculous about backing up when it comes to my images. I have multiple drives, online backups and DVDs at a different location, all to ensure, that no matter what, if you hire me to photograph a special moment in your life, those images will never be lost. I am a bit redundant with it, and that works for me. I thought I had my bases covered.

I also had Time Machine going to do all the goods of my computer, until for some reason in August or so, I disconnected it don’t ask why… i don’t have any idea

Fast forward to my hard drive turning into an expensive paper weight, I talk with Apple because I had bought Apple Care (so smart), they let me know that the hard drive was covered to be replaced for free (yay! ), I just need to take it to the local Apple Store. Just think about trying to deal with the Apple Store at the mall 3 days before Christmas though! Talk about a zoo!

They replaced the hard drive  and got me my computer back in a couple days .double yay! and I thought that the Apple Store before Christmas was bad?? Oh no, try going there two days afterward! It was like two zoos mushed together. redonkulous!

I was excited to get my baby back and my desk put all back together and get rolling again, but I realized quickly that I hadn’t backed up my  preferences that my computer was set at!!!!!!!!!Everything from the background picture, to my calendar to my photoshop actions! and much of my workflow!

You would not believe how much time it takes to change back everything to the way you had it all set before! I even had the Time Machine from August, but alas, I had changed my preferences and workflow quite a bit since August! groan.

So, it took my roughly two days to re set up my office life, and that was all by trail and error! I would think I would be done, try and do a task and then realize that …nope.. .hadn’t fixed that preference yet!

So, the moral to my Christmas story, boys and girls, is that you should never forget your preferences! Back those babies up too! And, if you use an online backup system (like I do) make sure that they back up ALL  files and folders . I didn’t realize that there were specific types of files that my online backup site skipped over that ended up being critical in the preferences department! talk about lame and frustrating! I was in major need of a beer after realizing that one!

But, on a good note, nothing of import was lost and that was a Christmas gift in itself.

And, because posts are always better with pictures, here is a pic of my two nieces on Christmas morning.


Christmas is such a magical time when you have little ones to share it with!

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  2. lydiaclaxton@mail.com says:

    <3 it!

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