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I haven’t had the chance to meet Me Ra Koh  yet, even though we live in the same city and work in the same industry. But even though I haven’t met her yet, it doesn’t mean I haven’t heard amazing things about her whenever her name is brought up. This is a gal who always helps people out, be it other photographers, or her clients, and I am sure that goes for anyone she sees while walking down the street too. She is just that kind of person… or at least that is what everyone I know who has ever met her says… and that says something! And to add to it , she is an amazing photographer to boot! Check her work out here. I look forward to a time where our paths actually cross!
Anyway, I was on twitter ( you can follow me here, if you twitter) and I saw a post by another amazing photographer, Airika of Gerald Pope Photography. Airika is a friend and also an amazing woman always looking to help and spread awesomeness, so when her post mentioned Me Ra and something about “Soar”… I was interested and clicked on the link….

Me Ra has teamed up with some of the leaders in the photo industry (Adobe, Sony, ShootQ, Shoot dot edit, to name a few) to offer a scholorship to 3 women who desperatly want to SOAR next year by starting a photography business , but they don’t have the means to do it themselves. Maybe they have been let go from their job because of the resession, or they are mothers who want to add to their lives with photography, or any other of a thousand great reasons… this scholarship will give 3 women the chance to go out there and start their business! You can learn a lot more from Me Ra’s SOAR site here!  Go check out the SOAR scholarship and if you know a woman who might see this as their light at the end of the tunnel, or if you are that woman yourself, then please apply!

YOU MUST APPLY BY DECEMBER 21st!!!!! And they pick the winner on January 1st.

This is such an amazing opportunity for 3 lucky ladies out there… so please pass this info along!

And this makes me want to meet this amazing woman just that much more!

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