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The weekend  before Christmas, my mom and I took a weekend to go and visit in Portland. The weekend was great. I don’t know the last time my mom and I got to spend such quality time together! But, I will write about that in another post…. this one is about Simone!
Simone is my cousin’s brand new baby girl! One of the reason’s for the trip to Portland with my mom was to go and see little baby Simone. My cousin Alex and her husband John have an older boy named Julien which I hadn’t seen since he was Simone’s age, so I was overdue for a trip and itwas a great time hanging out and visiting. I didn’t walk in expecting to do a shoot, but when I am around little babies, it’s hard to  resist. Especially when that baby is SOOOO CUTE and my camera was just out in the car 🙂.

Simone is a beautiful and relaxed little baby, which everyone insured me is a 180 degree flip from 2.5 year old Julien!  On a side note, I have to say I love the names they pick for their children. Julien and Simone! So beautiful! So here are some images from my impromptu session with my new cousin… or 2nd neice? I don’t know how the naming of the relation works, but I’ll go with cousin. Congrats Alex and John, your family is amazing!


Baby wrinkles are adorable. No question about it!RE_091220_1495RE_091220_1496

Baby butts are just as cute… it might have something to do with the wrinkles again….RE_091220_1506RE_091220_1514RE_091220_1516RE_091220_1522

This shot I love! It happened so quick that I almost didn’t get it. Julien loves his sister sooo much! He is going to be a rockstar big brother for sure!


And since Julien is such a cutie,  I had to get some shots of him too 🙂RE_091220_1552


This look is going to worry Alex in John in a couple of years I am sure 🙂RE_091220_1585RE_091220_1591

And of course, we had to get a family shot. Julien was at the end of his rope at this point, but I convinced him that he could take a photo with my fancy camera if he would just hang out for another moment or two. And it worked! Check out the photographer in making in the pic below! I didn’t compose that for him at all! RE_091220_1605

And I love the glow in Alex’s eyes when she looks at her kids! Its awesome 🙂

(Oh and that is my mom on the left!)

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