14 Tips to Showing Up Consistently As Your Personal Brand

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How to show up consistently as your personal brand so that you can grow you business and make a larger impact.

Do you show up consistently in your business? Or do you show up willy nilly whenever you can?

You may wonder how important showing up consistently is when building your personal brand…

Well, the long and short of it is : It’s EXTREMELY important!

Consistency is hyper important when you are building any type of brand. Possibly even more as a personal brand.

When you are a personal brand, there is a bit more risk for people to invest in you because you are a small business.

14 tips to showing up consistently as your personal brand.

When your potential client or audience looks your website or social media feed, the thoughts that will likely go to through their head is :

  • Are they the right fit for me?
  • Do they know what they are talking about?
  • How do I know they are actually skilled in helping with this?
  • How do I know they are a legit business, and will not take my money and run?

That last question is a serious one, but one that most try not to think about.

But all you gotta do is spend sometime in entrepreneurial Facebook groups to find loads of posts about people paying and then either being ghosted, or very disappointed with the results they got.

The last thing you want as you build your personal brand is to have your name associated with one of those posts.

But it’s also important to recognize that the question will be thought over when someone is looking at your online presence.

One of the easiest ways to help calm that particular fear is to show up consistently.

And that doesn’t mean that you need to post every day.

Or that you have to be tied to your phone all the GD time (anyone else feel like this is them? I feel like this all the time.)

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14 Tips to Showing Up Consistently As Your Personal Brand:

Ask yourself these questions!

  • Do your visuals look like they are aligned?
    • Do you show photos of YOU consistently through all your marketing?
    • Your photos should have the same look to them in lighting/tone/editing/personality
    • Do you use the same color palette through all your marketing?
    • Do you use the same fonts?
    • Does it look like the same aesthetic across all channels (website, social, email, etc)
  • Does it sound like it’s the same person in your copy/messaging?
    • Do your website copy, email copy and caption copy sound like it’s coming from the same person?
    • Does it have the same tone? You don’t want your website to be formal and your IG be laid back and relaxed. It causes brand confusion.
  • Do you have the same social handles (or as close as you can get) across all channels? Make it EASY for people to find you in all the places!
  • Do you post regularly?
    • If you can’t update your blog regularly, then don’t have one (or at least don’t have the post date visible)
    • Do you post on social or has it been months? Don’t make people think “Is she still in business?”
    • Answer comments and questions on your social. ENGAGE! Show people that you are here for the conversation too!
Free personal branding checklist for coaches and online service based businesses

These are all ways you can show up consistently as your personal brand.

And how showing up consistently will make huge impacts to how well you attract and book your dream clients!

Now tell me, do you feel you show up consistently in your business? If not… what can do to change it? Because it’s affecting your sales!

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