What is a personal brand coach?

I help service businesses build your personal brand,  and grow your business through marketing, content and messaging.

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what is a personal brand coach and how do you know if you need one?

Are you wondering what is a personal brand coach?

When you are building your personal brand it may feel like there are so many things to do. You don’t even know where to start.

If you’ve had this feeling, trust me, you are not alone.

what is a personal brand coach and why do you need one as a service based business?

Building a brand, let alone a personal brand can feel like a daunting task.

Elevating that overwhelm and fast-tracking you to success is what I do as a personal brand coach.

As your coach, I help you understand the steps and guides you to show up authentically in your business. And build your personal brand.

Before we move forward, though, it’s important to mention there are two types of personal brands.

Corporate personal brands and entrepreneurial personal brands.

As a personal brand coach, I help entrepreneurs build your personal brand. So that you become a leader in your niche, attract your dream clients and scale your business with ease.

As this is what my expertise is in. The corporate personal brand is similar and yet has nuances that are unique to the corporate world. Which I honestly  don’t know as thoroughly.

So if you are building your corporate personal brand, I am likely not the coach for you. If you are an entrepreneur, though, I am your coach!

As a personal brand coach for service-based entrepreneurs, I help you scale your business through brand clarity, establishing you as an expert in your niche and helping you step into the roll as the face of your business.

You may hear brand coach, brand strategist, brand consultant. These are all terms that are similar… and used interchangeably.

As a personal brand coach, I help you with your strategy as well as consult you on what tactics to take.

The main difference between a brand coach and a strategist or consultant is that I guide you in the work vs doing it for you.

Now that it’s starting to make some sense, you’re probably thinking “Is this really a priority?”

And what I have to say to that is that if you have a service based buisness and the experience people have with YOU is a big part of your service… then yes friend.

Building a personal brand will do so much for you.

  • You’ll start attracting your dream clients… all from your online presence.
  • You’ll become known as the resident expert in your niche
  • Competition no longer matters, because people will feel like they know you and only want to work with you
  • You can get media mentions which builds a stronger brand and gets you exponentially more eyeballs on your business
  • Business feels easy because you show up as yourself, and you always know what to talk about.

This is the power of a personal brand in the entrepreneurial space.

“But what if I don’t want to be an influencer?” my client asked me that the other week. And she wasn’t the first.

There is a lot of confusion on how being a personal brand means you are an Instagram influencer.

And in one direction that is right.

Instagram influencers are personal brands.

But being a personal brand does not mean you are an influencer.

A personal brand is a:

  • service based business
  • coach
  • consultant
  • information product business
  • thought leader
  • and influencer.

At the core of it, being a personal brand means you’ve stepped into the roll as the face of your business. You use your personality, your expertise, your vibe to show up and attract clients who need your service. Those clients align with  your rpersonality and vibe.

If you have a service-based business where you are instrumental to the transformation you provide to your clients, then you are a personal brand.

And we can cultivate that personal brand. So that people know your personality, your vibe and your experience by what they see of you online.

What this does is it allows your audience (no matter how big or small) consume your content, see your personality and how you show up. They then decide if you are the person for them.

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Your personal brand is what makes you the obvious choice over your competitors.

And as your personal brand grows, your name will become well known in your niche. People will seek you out as the authority in your space and your business will continue to grow.

No longer will you wonder where the clients are. You will have a booked calendar, a growing team, media mentions, and a name that people seek out.

This is the power of building your personal brand.

As your personal brand coach, I help you take those steps to cultivate that experience for your audience.

A personal brand coach studies in a loft lit by a laptop.

There are three main pillars of your personal brand that I work with clients on as your personal brand coach.

Brand Clarity.

Diving deep into the vision of what your business is and how you want to be known in the world.  And then building a strategy to make it happen.

Defining your niche so that you know exactly who it is that you are marketing to. The more specific the better you can speak to them.

Aligning your offers to be attractive to your dream clients and to fill their need, while giving them the spin that makes them unique to you.

Personal Branding

This is where we build your expertise in your niche. What it is that you are known for exactly, and make you the only option for that particular need.

We work on your messaging to bring your personality to the front. Align your visuals so that your messaging and your visuals work hand in hand.

We work on how you can show up. Work on your mindset so that you not only do show up consistently but you enjoy showing up. Because it doesn’t feel fake or contrived.

Brand Strategy

Your strategy is your guidepost on how you show up, what you talk about and what you’re known for. It’s how you stay consistent. How you always know what it is that you are going to say.  And how you build your authority through your brand.

We  work on creating a system to make your content creation less of a headache. So that you can always have content to create or reuse. Allowing you to build and scale without working 60 hours a week.

These three pillars are what I help with as your personal brand coach.

When you get super clear on you who you are talking to, what you talk about and how you do it, and you show up consistently, you  grow your audience too.

People are attracted to others who are experts in their field. They are confident in you when you are confident in yourself. And as your audience grows your business will also grow.

When you have a solid personal brand, you end up with inquires like this:  “I am really excited about working with you”

Your personal brand does the selling for you. So on sales calls, you are not convincing them that you are the right person to help them. They already know that. You are guiding them to what the best option will be for them.

Or you can continue struggling as the “one of many” approach. Which ends up with a lackluster client list or always fighting the lowest price option battle.

In the online space today, building your personal brand must be a priority if you want your business so successful.

So what do you say? Are you ready to build your personal brand and finally take your business to the next level. The level where it’s the business you dreamt up when you first started?

If so, I’d love to book a discovery call with you and see how I can help you build your personal brand. Reach out to me here : 

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