6 Reasons Why Shapewear is a Girls Best Friend

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Okay, let’s get real for a minute and talk girl talk.

Spanx . Bodywear. Shapewear. Corsets. 

I have a love-hate relationship with shapewear.

I hate putting them on but I love how they make me look in photos, so when I know a camera is going to be on me, or I just want to look like I didn’t eat a bunch of Oreos last night (spoiler… I did), I’m all about the shapewear.

And for your next big photo session… like an engagement session or your wedding, shapewear is where it’s at.

 screenshot from the internets when I typed in shapewear. These are not my photos :) 

screenshot from the internets when I typed in shapewear. These are not my photos 🙂 

Why am I writing this and letting you all know my thoughts on Spanx? Well, it’s to help you really.

Shapewear has been around for hundreds of years, it just used to be corsets and craziness underneath huge dresses that you needed attendants to get you in (not unlike a wedding dress really). There is a reason we all use it, and it’s because it makes you look good.

Now, I don’t want to make anyone suck in their breath and scream at me thinking I’m telling anyone that they shouldn’t love their body (as you ALL should… myself included) but…. when you are being photographed, shapewear is your best friend.

6 reasons why you’ll be stoked you were wearing shapewear during your photo session.




Shapewear helps your clothes fit better and not bunch up in awkward places.  It holds you in just a little, making everything a bit firmer and the lines of your clothing hitting where they are supposed to. Which in turn makes you feel more confident and you’ll love your look and your photos that much better. So…shapewear

2) Posture

Part of the torture device portion of the shapewear is that they are tight. And when you are tight around your midsection, you won’t want to slouch making your midsection tighter… So in turn, you stand up a bit straighter, your posture looks great and your entire look goes up in confidence and approachability. A win win for any time you’re being photographed. So…. shapewear

3) Movement

Our bodies move, and your clothes catch, and all of a sudden you are looking at a portrait of yourself and all you see is the slight shading under your shirt, showing that your body is a body. That shouldn’t be a bad thing, but we are conditioned to think clothes should fit just so and curves only show in specific areas, and if it shows anywhere else (gasp your waistline) then you hate the photo and you feel down on yourself. Which you should never have to think when you are being photographed… so… shapewear.

4) Curves where you want them

Where I find Spanx make the biggest difference is around the stomach. Let’s face it, unless you have washboard abs (can I have some please??!?!), your tummy has a curve to it and most clothes… especially jeans and shirts cut you off right in the middle where you are likely to show a curve over your pants. Is it normal? Yes! But, will you like it if you see it on yourself, or will it color how you think of the photo, and in turn yourself? Probably.

We are always the most critical of ourselves. So….shapewear.

5) Happiness

You’ll be happier with your photos if you are looking slimmer than you expected. It’s a psychological thing, and what a lot of posing does to shapewear just helps, and makes it so you can think about something other than sucking your stomach in the entire time you’re being photographed 🙂 so….shapewear.

6) All the celebrities do it

Okay okay. In a normal situation, I wouldn’t say you should do something just because a celebrity does it, but when you are prepping for a photo shoot, it absolutely makes sense to look and see what the people get photographed (and critiqued!!!!) all day every day are doing. They have those 6 pack abs and they STILL wear the shapewear under their clothes because they realize it makes a difference when being photographed…

 Don’t believe me? Check out this article about celebrities confirming what they are wearing under their clothes.

If you are still on the fence, take a look see at this link of before and after shapewear photos

So, for your engagement session or any portrait session really, don some shapewear and you’ll find yourself pretty happy with the results! I promise:)

If you are wondering about shapewear and your wedding dress… it really depends on the dress you will be wearing and if shapewear will show or not. This is a super good article about how to choose the right shapewear for your wedding dress!

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