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Remy would like to introduce you to her little sister Reese!

I love love love capturing some of the first moments of a new big sister (or brother) with their new sibling! While the connection of mom and dad and baby are also beautiful and tender, there is such an unscripted beauty to the images created when you are capturing siblings. Especially when the older sibling is the first, and they are excited and yet just a bit unsure of just what this all means.

These lovelies are even more dear to me as they are my brothers kids. I adore them anyhow, and when I placed baby Reese into the arms of her newly anointed Big Sister Remy, and I asked Remy where her sister was, she excitedly points with a big smile on her face.

Too precious.

When photographing newborns and their families, I always capture a good mix of just the new baby (look at those cheeks on Reese!) and photos of the big sister or brother with the baby, mom with baby and dad with baby as well as a full family photo. As, I try to think about that baby and what they will appreciate in 20 years when they are grown and looking back. Mom might not be feeling 100% photo ready just days after giving birth, but we still get a couple close up beautiful images so that mom feels good as well as your baby will love the images of just you and them when they are all grown. It’s the long perspective I take when taking on these shoots, and it’s always magical 🙂

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