Branding photo session of the different aspects of a successful wedding planner. Branding photos from behind the scenes at a wedding, the details created, team headshots and in office behind the scenes of what a wedding planner does when not at a wedding.
Wedding Planner Branding Photoshoot Spotlight : Perfectly Posh Events

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Small Business Branding Photoshoot Spotlight

Perfectly Posh Events

client spotlight for branding photo session with wedding planner

Perfectly Posh Events is a premier wedding planning company in Seattle.

A couple years ago, when I started playing with the idea of venturing from wedding and portrait photography and into branding photography, I was texting with Holly, the owner of Perfectly Posh about the idea.

The idea was still in its infancy but when Holly said that this was something she didn’t know it was a thing but always wanted but

I knew then it was an idea that could get traction, and I started developing my branding photography portion of my business.

So, of course, Holly and I worked together to capture the different parts of her business to show some insight into all the things a wedding planner does.

Perfectly Posh and her team are well known in Seattle. They’ve won the Seattle Bride Magazine award for best wedding planner again and again, and are known to be Perfectly Posh 🙂

Being a wedding planner is a job like no other. Most couples who are getting into the wedding planning world don’t realize the value of having a wedding planner until it’s too late, though. I couldn’t tell you how many wedding’s I’ve been to that I looked around and knew that the couple would have been SO much happier, relaxed and present had they had a wedding planner there helping them.

To help her potential clients peek behind the veil a bit, Holly and I wanted to paint a story of all the different aspects that a wedding planner helps a client with through the whole process. This is what we did for her branding photo session.

For Perfectly Posh’s branding photos, I headed to the setup of a wedding she and her team were running last summer. I captured some of the setup things that they are doing while the couple is enjoying their guests. The running back and forth, the table setting and vendor wrangling. Even the coffee fetching!

“Simply put, Becca is a talented photographer who not only delivers quality work but she is also very easy going and friendly while shooting. She has a great eye for detail and will give you direction as needed but also makes sure to capture plenty of candid moments that showcase true emotions. I highly recommend her as a photographer!”
— Holly from Perfectly Posh Events

While most people think about wedding planners and what they do on the wedding day, the majority of their work is done before the day. The amount of meetings, organization, spreadsheets and decisions that a wedding planner works with for each and every client is bonkers. The spreadsheets they must have man!

After shooting the setup of an actual wedding day, we spent a couple hours capturing the team in their Seattle studio where they meet with clients and do all the planning.

Hours on the computer, playing with swatches to imagine color schemes, putting together invites and making sure that the table settings will look as amazing in person as you imagine in your head.

It’s not just about the wedding day.

A wedding planner is your best friend and confidant helping you through all steps of the process.

Holly’s team is a major point of pride for her.

She has 5 gals who take care of brides and grooms under the Perfectly Posh Events name, and it was important to show how they work together, how they are a team that helps bring all the weddings and parties to life, keeping the stress down and making sure the wedding runs smoothly

The gals work together behind the scenes, pulling from all their expertise and design aesthetic, so we made sure to include them in the behind the scenes photos.

Showing that it’s not just day of stuff. It’s vendor emails, spreadsheets, scheduling, brainstorming, designing, planning and all the things that happen in the months coming up to the wedding day.

They have a basket of old invitations for color and design inspiration as well as swatches upon swatches of fabrics for your tables.

Making sure the color of your tables compliment the colors in your florals and the colors in your invites.

There are truly hundreds of things that your wedding planner helps with that couples don’t realize are a thing. The amount of guidance through all the decisions is worth so much.

Our goal for Perfectly Posh  was to give them a great visual way to show all the aspects of their job. Photos they can add to their website, blog posts and social media

We, of course had to have a fun day photographing their team headshots as well.

We spent a couple hours in my Capitol Hill studio taking individual headshots as well as team photos and giving them updating images to showcase.

Showing their fun with lots of champagne, black outfits and blush and of course a ton of confetti!

For this branding photo shoot:

We did three separate shoots for the different aspects of the business.

  • We shot behind the scenes of a wedding
  • We shot the planning and details stage at Perfectly Posh’s Seattle studio
  • We shot team and individual headshots with champagne, cute shoes and bubbly

This branding shoot ensured the look of Perfectly Posh is cohesive and professional. While planners get a ton of images from wedding photographers, it’s usually of the clients or the final decor, but the hidden part of the behind the scenes is never there.

On top of having a ton of different looks of styling and image processing, but doing professional branding photos, Perfectly Posh looks Perfectly Posh on their website and social feeds.

Our goal with our shoot was for storytelling, really showing the depth of this brand as well as give images for their new website and social media content.

Are you thinking about upgrading your website and social media feed away from the iPhone pics and really help your brand stand out?

I’m taking on branding photo clients for Fall 2018 now!

Just think, if we start now, we’ll have new branded images for your holiday rush!

Contact me to see how we can elevate your brand. All initial consults are complimentary.

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