Memorable Photo Gifts to Give This Season

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Memorable Photo Gifts are a great way of giving a gift that will become more valuable over time!

There are tons of gift ideas out there, but none so memorable as highlighting the memories you have as a couple or family.

While you could by that new gaming console, or a nice sweater, those are gifts that only bring happiness for a short period of time. You get the euphoria of owning something new, but our minds are tricky in that once you own that new shinny thing, it looses much of its appeal, and it brings y much less of that fabulous “oh yay” feeling each time you use it. Photo gifts only become more memorable over time!
There are a couple of gifts that I feel though become even more valuable to you in the years after you’ve been given them. These are gifts of experience and memory gifts usually from photos or experiences.

Lets talk about how you can give memorable photo gifts that will be loved today and even more so as time passes.

[su_heading]Wedding Album[/su_heading]

vision-album-wedding001This one is an obvious one in many ways, but it is really worth the mention as we are in the days of getting given a disc of your wedding images, and many forgoing the beautiful keepsake of the album itself. Your wedding album is important as it showcases your wedding as a story in a way that will ensure you remember it though the years. What’s even more valuable, is when you have kids, your kids can experience the fun and joy you had on your wedding day though looking at it with you. They’ll see you as your were before they were here, and see who was important in your lives then.
Trust me, in 50 years, that disc of images will be completely useless but that album will be treasured still. It may not be looked at often, but it will be powerful when it is looked at!

Cost depends on your photographer, but usually $1000+

If you are one of my wedding clients, you can see wedding album options here!

[su_heading]Yearly Memory Book[/su_heading]

DIY memory book -  memorable photo gifts

This is a favorite of mine. We all have cameras in our pockets every day but rarely do those photos find their way out of our phones. Go though you phone and create an album of all your favorite moments  from they year. Quality isn’t paramount here… It’s about the memories of the moment and less about the quality of the image. Then check out  as you can find a ton of different photo book options and a free program that will help you set up your book.  There are tons of different DIY book designers these days, but Blurb is by far the best option for color/quality/price at a consumer level.

Books take an hour or two (depending on how you’ve prepped) and start at about $50.
A couple suggestions would be:
•Name it the year, so you can start a chronology
•Go with the 8×10 size as it’s not to small.
•Put less images per page so that it doesn’t feel crammed
•Upgrade to the hard cover so that the book will last though the years.

Photo Phone case: this one is fun and relatively inexpensive. Some small labs will do this now, or if you have a recent photo shoot (wedding or family shoot), your photographer can design a special military image case for you. It’s fun as it is a reminder every time you pick up your phone and it’s a great conversation starter when people see it too!

Cost starting around $50

[su_heading]Custom Cuff Links[/su_heading]

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 12.56.08 PM I love this one because it’s fun and yet subtle. Every man should have a nice suit and every suit should have a pair of nice cuff links. Why not put a picture on that cuff link as a memory to smile at each and every time they dress up? Etsy is a great place for finding these gems. And here is a starting point Photo cuff links (where image from the left is from as well)

Cost around $50




[su_heading]Photo necklace[/su_heading]

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 12.58.44 PM

Photo necklaces can be cute and subtle for her. You can do a traditional locket that has to be opened or an option like the left (on Etsy) where you show the image to everyone.  Simple but memorable! Photo jewelry here (the image from the left is from this Etsy store)

A quick search on Etsy for Custom Photo Jewelry  brings up tons of options, and the great thing with Etsy is it means you are supporting a local business too!

Cost around $50


[su_divider top=”no”]

I’ve been keeping my eye out for other great photo gift ideas and have been adding them to my Pinterest Board : Photo Related Gifts to Give your Partner or Spouse Follow me there for more ideas 🙂

If you have any fun photo related memory gifts that are unique, share below!


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