Experience Gifts to Give this Season

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experience gifts to give this season

Woot woot for holiday season right? We are counting down the days till the big man in red magically slides down our chimneys and, hopefully you are getting close to crossing off all the gifts on your list.  I have found, though that sometimes that scarf or hat just doesn’t sound like the funnest of gifts seeing that you know that your gift receiver already probably has a ton of those types of items lying around there house. Sometimes it’s fun to think outside of the box and go for something different.

Last week I posted about memorable photo gift ideas where you use your memories as cool gifts. If that sparks your interest, go take a peak there too!

And this week is all about experience gifts to give this season.


Give Experience Gifts this Season!


This idea is so much fun, especially for the outdoor type. And whats even funner is that it is a continous thing. It’s basically like a global scavenger hunt powered by your iphone. Download the app, tell them where you are, or where you want to go, and they will tell you where there are Geocashes near you. Then off you go adventuring. Find that cashe, write your name in the entry book, leave a trinket or share a trinket and then go on to your next adventure. What a way to spend a date or a weekend where the TV is just not appealing. Make it into a gift by finding interesting geocashes you want to go to and give the game plan as a gift to your friend or family. It will give you endless fun adventures and new things to talk about! Check out Geocaching here.

puzzle break experience gifts to give this seasonPuzzle Break

This one is fun, especially as a group. The premise is that you buy a ticket to be locked in a room for an hour with no way out of the room until you break the puzzle. Each puzzle has a theme and it can be surprisingly HARD! A group of friends and I went last year and it was so much fun, but it was so hard too. You have to work as a team and you’d be surprised what is considered a clue. Extra fun if you go as a group and it’s only you and your friends in the room.

Check out the current Seattle and San Francisco Puzzle Break rooms here.


scavenger hunt -experience gifts to give this seasonScavenger Hunt Adventure 

Similar to the Geo-caching idea, but on a more local and personal scale. You can go hide things to be found, or search the net for fun ideas of random things you will find in the city. Have a bunch of friends make teams and go out and see who gets all the items first, or go out together and just make a fun day of finding ridiculous things. This would be a fun drinking adventure too (as long as you have a designated driver of course!)

Here’s an article of fun scavenger list ideas


teatro zinzani experience gifts to give this seasonTeatro Zinzani 

This is the ultimate experience in theater and dining. You get an amazing show, and depending on where you sit, you may even end up part of the show! Pete and I went for our first anniversary and it still one of our best anniversaries to date!




cooking classes experience gifts to give this seasonCooking Classes

For those of you who like adventures/experiences where you can actually walk away with some skill as well, there are TONS of amazing cooking experiences to be had. Here’s a compiled list of cooking classes that look good!




choose your own adventure experience gifts to give this seasonChoose your Own Adventure

Found this site where you have others guide you around showing you fun and new things about over 900 cities in the world. Some fun Seattle options and you can give a gift for many different interests here on Vayable.com




be a tourist in seattle for a day experience gifts to give this seasonBe a tourist for a day

So many fun things to do in Seattle that get written off as touristy. Well, if it’s fun enough to bring people in from other cities to do, it just may be a fun adventure right? Ideas are Riding the Duck (I know I know, but you’d be surprised how fun it actually is), The Underground Tour (another really fun experience that makes you look at downtown Seattle a bit differently).



Here’s a massive list of ideas from Trip Advisor and another great blog posts about experiences to give

Do you have any fun experience gift ideas? Leave them in the comments!

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