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Bubble Wrap Sumo Wrestling

I help coaches and online service providers get past their fear of being on camera so that you can attract your ideal clients through intentionally building your personal brand.

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Pete’s birthday was last week and he turned the big 3-0 . He is convinced he is an old man now, and I have to admit, it’s fun calling him old man and seeing that look of “hey you aren’t supposed to agree” that shows up on his furrowed brow.
I wanted to make this birthday super special for him as… well, he was turning into an old man, it should be a big one right?

So, I super secret squirrel like flew his best friend Thomas here for the weekend and then planned a surprise party for him to top it off. He was super stoked/surprised/amazed at how amazing I am everything turned out and that I was actually able to keep the secret from him. Because, to be honest, I super duper suck at secrets. I am the person who will give you your birthday present 2 months early because I am so excited that I have gotten it and I want to give it to you.

So the fact that I kept not only his party but the fact that I was flying Thomas out to surprise him a secret, is absolutely amazing.

His birthday party included shinanigans to every level including bubble wrap sumo wrestling, which was Sarah, Josh and Tracy’s brilliant plan. I don’t think I have laughed so hard in quite some time!


Pretty sure the angle of Octavian’s head and body here don’t look livable…


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