The brand worthy imagery challenge
This Challenge Will Transform Your Website!

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The brand worthy imagery challenge

Next week I am hosting a challenge that can transform your website.

Sound like a big promise? Well, listen up, I think you just may agree.

So… think about the picture books that you read to your kids during bedtime.

Your website acts similarly to those picture books, let me tell you how.

Now imagine you pick up a book to read to your daughter and the cover says Snow White, but on page three, the pictures all change to the story of Sleeping Beauty.

The story is still talking all about Snow White, but the pictures are not telling the same story.

What would you do?

You’d flip back to the cover of the book to make sure you are reading what you thought you were.

And then skip around a couple of pages as you start to get more and more confused.

At this point, your kiddo is wondering what you are doing and why the story and the photos don’t make sense.

You haven’t got an answer for them because you have no idea either!

So you put down the book befuddled because it was not what you were expecting and likely never pick it up again.

Sounds like a lame experience right?

Well, what if I were to tell you, that your website might be creating the same feeling of confusion?

When people land on your homepage they expect a certain narrative. When the photos don’t match their expectations, it creates confusion.

In the end, they close down the browser, leaving your site… never to come back again.

So, how do you know if this type of image and message confusion is happening to your site?

➡ If you are getting traffic, but no inquiries, this could be you.

➡ If you have a high bounce rate, this could be you.

➡ If you can’t seem to sell your digital product, again this could be you.

It’s not a problem with your business or your offerings. It’s a problem with your photos not complimenting the narrative they are expecting.

Don’t be that business that confuses because of the images on your website.
How do you know what images you should be using that actually attract your ideal client instead of repelling them?

Join me for a free 5 day challenge to make sure you have brand-worthy imagery on your website and social.

The challenge starts Monday Dec 16-20.

Sign up, learn and transform your website for free WITHOUT A WEB REDESIGN 🤯

Join me here, and transform your website with a couple of updates.

Check out the Brand Worthy Imagery Challenge here and learn all the details!

Challenge is LIVE from December 16-20th

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