The Truth About Building An Online Business I Wish I Knew Years Ago

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The Truth About Building An Online Business I Wish I Knew Years Ago

The Truth About Building An Online Business I Wish I Knew Years Ago

My journey into creating my online course opened my eyes to the opportunities of having an online business.

And what it could be to my life and my business.

I’ve now spent 4 years building up my online business in conjunction with my local photography business (which I’ve had for 15 years).  And I’ve learned SO much in that time.

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My business is both photography based, where I create brand photos for small businesses. And it’s also online-based via business coaching and an online course.

My online course teaches coaches and online entrepreneurs how to build a personal brand. Through creating brand photos.  It’s called the Brand Photography System and it’s available next in Oct 2020.

In building the online coaching and course part of my business, where I’ve learned so many valuable truths that I wish I knew years ago.

Here is the truth about building an online business that I wish I knew years ago.

The Truth About Building An Online Business I Wish I Knew Years Ago

It’s probably not going to make you a millionaire overnight

You see all these marketers talking about how they make six figures in one launch. 🤯 While that is absolutely true and happens a lot, they always make it seem like this is something that just magically happens overnight.


It takes a lot of strategies, adjusting, relaunching  to make an online business work. Not to mention building and cultivating an audience. Duh.

The great thing is, once you’ve built your business, your audience and your product, you can make those amazing sales. And it will give you the freedom you dream.

But’s it’s going to take work to get there!

You need to know WHO your market is and have been around long enough for them know you and trust you.

People who have 6 figure launches have an audience that trusts them.

That they’ve nurtured over time.

People who’ve they’ve helped by sharing free content with regularly. So that, when they are ready to sell, their audience is ready to buy.

And it’s likely that this person has launched this product a handful of times.  Before they saw the great success they are touting.

It’s not overnight. This is a dream that will deter you from staying in for the long haul!

Many times, people will be in your audience for months and months before they buy.

They’ll see your promotions and it may be on the third, fourth or fifth promotion that they are ready to buy.

That’s okay. It’s the way it goes. And over time, you’ll end up with those 6 figure launches. But you have to do the work to get there first!

The Truth About Building An Online Business I Wish I Knew Years Ago

Building a Brand is Key

Your reputation is very important and online, your brand is your reputation. This is why I talk so much about building a personal brand.

You have the opportunity to connect with people all over the world. You can offer online services, coaching, or educational products to people in Africa Argentina, or right down the street.

The online world makes physical distance a nonissue. But you still need to be trusted. And that is what your brand does. It builds trust.

What gets people to buy is your reputation online.

If they feel like they can trust you.

If they feel like they know who you are and what you’re about.

And if they like your approach.

You convey this through what your website looks like. What your content is about. How you share photos and videos. What your videos are about. If they like how you sound, what you talk about, and the way you show up.

They aren’t able to meet you in person so that online reputation… that personal brand. It’s KEY to success in building your online business.

The Truth About Building An Online Business I Wish I Knew Years Ago

An Online Business Allows you to Build a Life to YOUR Design

One of the biggest promises, and most amazing aspects of building your online business, is that it truly allows you to build a business of YOUR design. Which allows you to build a LIFE of your design.

If you want to travel the world? Cool. Just make sure you have an internet connection.

Do you want to work 4 hours a week? Cool, just make sure you build a team through virtual assistants and employees that can help you with your work.

You don’t have to have a six or seven-figure business to be successful. It just has to bring in the amount of money that gives you the ability to build the life you want. And doing it online takes that ceiling away!

And you never again have to structure your life around vacation days or sick leave.

Consistency is King

Lastly, it’s all about consistency. There is a lot of opportunities when it comes to building an online business, but there is also a lot of noise.

There are thousands of people out there who are jumping in, hoping to make this online business work for them. But after a couple of months, they realize it’s harder than it looks. It takes more time than they wanted it to, and they haven’t made a million dollars yet… so they give up.

Don’t be those flashes in the pan.

Keep showing up.

Keep creating, keep listening to your audience.

And get them on your email list. Keep sharing photos of you, so that they can connect with you. And keep building your audience, the success will come!

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